What’s New in Turbonomic 6.2

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Automatic Group Discovery

Discover groups that you can use to set the scope of a session, policy, plan, or chart. With the release of 6.2 Turbonomic will automatically discover the workloads in Azure Resource Groups, Azure subscriptions, and AWS accounts.

RI and OS Aware Cloud Migration Plans

Specify the OS you prefer to run, scope to Azure Resource Groups, Azure subscriptions, and AWS accounts. All cloud migration plans support RI pricing in Azure and AWS environments.

Enhanced Actions for Cloud Elasticity

With fine control over Turbonomic scaling decisions –specifying workloads, scaling limits, scaling direction, etc. – you can incrementally gain trust in Turbonomic scaling automation and unlock on average 20% better workload density.

Support for KaaS (Kubernetes as a Service)

Support for Kubernetes-as-a-Service offerings from Amazon, Azure, Google, and Pivotal. Now workloads in your KaaS deployments can self-manage—continuously navigating the tradeoffs between performance, compliance and cost.

Learn More About The Turbomomic 6.2 Release

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6.2 Turbonomic Learning Center Resources

Turbonomic Learning Center

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