What’s New in Turbonomic 6.1

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Maximize Public Cloud Savings

Continuously automate AWS Reserved Instance utilization, in concert with resizing automation.

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Realize the Promise of True Application-Aware Infrastructure

Deep integrations with leading Application Performance Management (APM) Technology, Cisco AppDyanmics, allow Turonomic to make better workload sizing and placement decisions that both your applications and operations teams can trust to automate.

Safely Automate Scaling Actions

With fine control over Turbonomic scaling decisions –specifying workloads, scaling limits, scaling direction, etc. – you can incrementally gain trust in Turbonomic scaling automation and unlock on average 20% better workload density.

Self-Managing Container Platforms

Cloud-hosted container platforms can be a huge driver of run-away cloud costs, while early adopters of container platforms on-premises are already reporting overwhelming management complexity. Get on top of both with Turbonomic container platform automation. 

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