What’s New in Turbonomic 6.0

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Cloud Migration Planning:

Accurately match on-premises consumption to compute, storage and database services in AWS and Azure, to migrate to the cloud on time and under budget

Lower Cloud Costs:

Automatically scale down cloud assets to reduce costs without impacting performance. Gain both top-down and workload-centric visibility into public cloud bills for tracking, forecasting and budget control

Assure Performance

Continuously match application workload demand to available resource, automatically scaling up compute, storage and database services in AWS and Azure to deliver service levels

Compliance Assurance:

Enforce operational and business policies across your hybrid cloud environment

Hybrid Cloud Visibility:

Single pane of glass for resource consumption across on-premises data centers and cloud service providers

Turbonomic 6.0 Release Webcast

Get the full details on the improvements and new features delivered with Turbonomic 6.0.

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Learn About 6.0 Release

The product release webinar focuses on what is generally available with release 6.0 focusing on extended Turbonomic capabilities for AWS and Azure.


Accelerate Cloud Migrations

Turbonomic 6.0 enables you to identify which workloads to migrate based on performance, cost and compliance. 6.0 enables you to accurately match on-premises consumption to their respective public cloud assets for both AWS and Azure. Turbonomic identifies the best placement across zones and regions based on performance characteristics, costs and compliance requirements.


public cloud cost breakdown turbonomic screenshot

Lower Cloud Costs with Visibility and Scaling Actions

Turbonomic 6.0 provides multiple methods for visualizing and managing public cloud bills. Cloud costs can be presented both as aggregated bills across services, regions, accounts and lines of business, and in a view that incorporates the complete cost of a specific workload. Bills are tracked and forecasted in a single view and presented against a defined budget. Turbonomic provides intelligent and automatable scaling actions to size down Compute, Storage and Database services in AWS and Azure based on their true resource requirements preventing waste without sacrificing performance.

Auto Scale to Assure Performance

Turbonomic 6.0 enables you to continuously match Compute, Storage and Databases to AWS and Azure services based on real-time resource demands. Auto-scaling actions are based on real-time demand for memory, CPU, storage and network resources. Without agents, Turbonomic connects to cloud Compute, Storage and Database services and use metrics collected to ensure applications get the resources they need when they need them. You’ll save time and money and deliver the right service levels across your public cloud environment.

autoscale turbonomic screenshot

policy management turbonomic screenshot

Continuously Maintain Compliance

Turbonomic 6.0 further extends its compliance capabilities in hybrid cloud environments. Designated HA workloads are spread across multiple cloud regions and availability zones or data center, cluster and hosts on-premises complying with risk management specifications for mission critical applications. Turbonomic enables you to seamlessly incorporate preexisting placement policies, and easily define new ones, ensuring workloads and data placement is limited to sanctioned cloud provider regions or on-premises data centers and cluster.

Improve Management with Hybrid Cloud Visibility

Turbonomic 6.0 extends its visibility of AWS and Azure resource consumption and costs. The platform provides a single pane of glass for resource consumption across on-premises data centers, AWS and Azure environments. Performance metrics of workloads in AWS and Azure environments are tracked, reported and trended, including Compute, Storage and Database resources, across cloud providers, regions and zones.