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Wednesday, October 16th at 11am ET

How to Accelerate Your Journey to Cloud Native

Containers have revolutionized the modern application. Today, it’s possible to build applications that run anywhere, are updated multiple times a day, and elastically scaled to meet changing demand. But, achieving these benefits of containers and cloud native does not happen overnight. And this application transformation has implications for how the underlying application resources are managed.

Join us as we discuss how customers are managing containers with Turbonomic & Kubernetes at different stages of their cloud native journey. Whether you’re an Application Owner, Developer, DevOps, SRE, or Operations, there’s something for you. After all, you each play a critical role in the application life cycle.


Wednesday, October 23rd at 11am ET

Cisco Workload Optimization Manager (CWOM)
Continuously Assure Application Performance at Any Scale

Today’s applications utilize traditional virtualization platforms as well as newer DevOps methods, microservices architectures and multichord deployments, driving up the complexity of IT Operations. Maintaining continuous performance of business-critical applications wherever they run has never been more challenging.

Join this webinar as Cisco and Turbonomic discuss how full-stack automation and insight deliver a better application experience and how IT teams can manage complex, multivendor hybrid and multicloud environments with CWOM to assure application performance in real-time and at scale.