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Wednesday, July 24th at 11am ET

5 Steps To Accelerate Cloud Migration

With the proliferation of cloud computing and rapid growth of cloud catalogs, it is difficult for enterprises to plan and execute their migration to the cloud in a responsible manner. Even though most organizations have workloads in AWS, Azure or Google, the majority of applications still remain to be migrated. While the migration process is not a one size fit all journey, common themes and pitfalls have arisen as more organizations embark on their path to cloud.


Wednesday, July 31st at 11am ET

Terraform for Hybrid Cloud: AWS and VMware

Infrastructure-as-Code is not just a buzzword, it’s a way to advance your IT organization and your career.  Terraform is a leading platforms for deploying and managing AWS and VMware infrastructure.  This is your chance to find out why and see real use-cases which will help you adopt better infrastructure practices. Join Turbonomic Technologists, Jacob Ben-David and Eric Wright, as we explore how to make the most out of an Infrastructure-as-Code approach using Terraform and hear real customer experiences that will speed up your DevOps journey, and gain important knowledge about how and why you should manage your AWS and VMware using Infrastructure-as-Code.