OpenStack: Build the Cloud You Want

Confidently scale OpenStack cloud adoption with Turbonomic.

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Organizations are moving towards OpenStack cloud for the promise of no vendor lock-in, IT agility, and competitive differentiation. This movement is part of a larger shift away from rigid, heavy IT to demanding technologies that enable them to build exactly what they want, when they want it.

Today’s organizations want complete control of their IT destiny.

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IT Agility in What You Build & How You Operate

Are you considering OpenStack and KVM? Have you elevated your expectations of IT? Good.
Turbonomic’s Demand-Driven Control seamlessly integrates with OpenStack on KVM, ESX(i), Hyper-V, or any other OpenStack-ready hypervisor so you can deliver an agile, enterprise-scale private cloud.

Build a “Ready-for-Anything” Cloud

Turbonomic enhances OpenStack’s cloud operating system so that you have a cloud that meets real-time application demands. It continuously assures application performance while maximizing efficiency in the environment by making real-time sizing, placement, and capacity decisions across the OpenStack cloud. For enterprises serving hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of users application performance is paramount.

Build Towards an Agile & Innovative Team

Because Turbonomic lets software handle the infinitely complex application workload decisions that come with enterprise-scale clouds, your team is not bogged down with monitoring and alerts. Instead, your team can focus on the projects that drive innovation across the organization, fully delivering on OpenStack’s promise of IT agility.

Go ahead, build the cloud you want with OpenStack.

Turbonomic will assure application performance from initial VM deployment to retirement – and as you continue to scale OpenStack across your environment.

Get the Freedom of Open Source at the Scale of Enterprise

Out of the box, OpenStack’s cloud infrastructure cannot accommodate application demands in real-time. Workload placements are a manual process that simply won’t scale. Addressing this gap with a customized script is a cumbersome task that contradicts IT agility. Turbonomic’s Demand-Driven Control seamlessly integrates with OpenStack to keep the cloud environment in its Desired State—continuously assuring application performance, while maximizing infrastructure utilization.

You get the freedom that open source advocates and the scalability that your enterprise demands.

Turbonomic easily integrates with the following OpenStack services to have complete control of your OpenStack cloud environment and assure application performance:

  1. Compute (Nova) – Discovery of Hypervisors
  2. Block Storage (Cinder) – Discovery of Storage
  3. Telemetry (Ceilometer) – Monitoring of Resource usage
  4. Identity (Keystone) – Discovery of OpenStack Tenants
OpenStack Use Cases (PDF)