Minimize Container and Microservices Latency

Get the Most Out of PaaS and Microservice Architectures

Microservices architecture, PaaS and the container technologies that enable it, offer numerous scalability benefits for Application and Development Teams. But the complexity they bring to virtual and cloud environments creates challenges for Infrastructure Teams. Turbonomic allows all stakeholders to get the best of both worlds.

The Draw of Microservices

Breaking complex applications into loosely coupled parts, which focus on specific services, allows faster and more frequent updates. While the recent commercialization of containers gives organizations the ability to spin up lightweight containers in a matter of seconds, one question remains: where to place these workloads? Microservice architecture promises many things, including container sprawl, if not managed properly.



Intelligently Control Data Center Complexity in Software

VMTurbo’s software-driven approach to intelligent workload management allows data center operators to keep up with any deployment model or architecture. The software will discover containers running in your environment place them and resize them to ensure that applications are continuously getting the resources they need, while maximizing efficiency in the underlying infrastructure.

The State of Latency, Containers, & Microservices

Turbonomic surveyed 554 Enterprise IT and data center professionals, exploring trends among three related themes:

  • Latency, the methods organizations used to mitigate latency, and the designation of latency-critical workloads across industry verticals.
  • Container adoption, emerging reasons for container adoption, and emerging barriers to container adoption.
  • Microservices adoption, emerging reasons for microservices adoption, and emerging barriers to micro services adoption
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