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OpenStack provides a great open source approach for building and scaling Infrastructure as a Service. It enables centralized management of large pools of compute, storage and network resources without having to rely on proprietary hypervisors or cloud management software. At the same time OpenStack, like most self-service portals, creates challenges around understanding real-time resource demands and continuously making changes to the environment as usage fluctuates.

Turbonomic manages the resource demands and fluctuations across your OpenStack cloud continuously assuring instances get the resources they need, accelerating your migration and deploying new instances to the best location.


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  • Assure performance by ensuring instances get the real-time compute, storage and network resources they need
  • Intelligently deploy and reserve capacity for new instances, taking into account infrastructure demand fluctuations
  • Hypervisor agnostic platform enables you to accelerate migration to OpenStack leveraging real-time usage and available resources
  • Manage resource partitions – tenants – in real-time as demand fluctuates incorporating HA, placement and other business policies

Assure the Performance of Your OpenStack Cloud


Turbonomic enhances OpenStack’s cloud operating system so that you have a cloud that meets real-time application demands. It makes real-time sizing, placement, and provisioning decisions across the OpenStack cloud from initial placement through the full lifecycle of the instance. The platform seamlessly integrates with OpenStack on KVM, ESX(i), Hyper-V, or any other OpenStack-ready hypervisor so you can deliver an enterprise-scale private cloud.

Turbonomic placing workloads on Openstack cloud

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Build towards an agile team


Turbonomic handles the infinitely complex application scaling decisions that come with enterprise clouds. Your team won’t get bogged down with monitoring, alerts, scripting automation, and unplanned work. Instead, you can focus on accelerating the OpenStack migration with one platform across the entire environment to understand required capacity, how to manage both legacy and new environments and which instances to move when.

Go ahead, build the cloud you want with OpenStack


Out of the box, OpenStack cannot accommodate fluctuating demands in real-time. Instance placements are a manual process that simply won’t scale. Turbonomic assures performance from initial instance deployment to retirement – and as you continue to scale OpenStack across your environment. In addition, Turbonomic provides your teams with customizable dashboards and resource consumption insight as inputs into your enterprise wide reporting, show back or chargeback policies.

Building Your OpenStack Cloud


Seamlessly keep your OpenStack environment performant


The Turbonomic platform seamlessly integrates with OpenStack to keep the cloud environment performant. You get the freedom that open source advocates and the scalability that your enterprise demands.

Turbonomic easily integrates with the following OpenStack services to have complete control of your OpenStack cloud environment and assure application performance:

Compute (Nova) – Discovery of Hypervisors

Block Storage (Cinder) – Discovery of Storage

Telemetry (Ceilometer) – Monitoring of Resource usage

Identity (Keystone) – Discovery of OpenStack Tenants

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