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Docker is a tool designed to make it easier to create, deploy, and run applications by using containers. While Docker and multiple container orchestration tools make it faster than ever to build and scale applications, the complexity of trying to deliver the performance users demand has increased exponentially.

Turbonomic enables you to assure the performance of your cloud native applications while making the best use of any infrastructure.


  • Set and assure quality of service for containerized applications
  • Intelligently place containers across the environment based on their resource demands and the underlying infrastructure supply
  • Auto-scale/clone containers based on real-time application transaction load
  • Accelerate your transition to containerized applications and microservices
  • Add or remove container memory and CPU capacity based on real-time demands

Supported Integrations


Container Management

Containers provide a lightweight alternative to virtual machines for scaling distributed applications, but they also significantly increase the likelihood of container sprawl. At scale, a containerized environment and the distributed, micro-service architecture that it supports is extremely complex. Turbonomic’s autonomic platform keep virtual and cloud environments performant in the face of this complexity.

Watch Mor Cohen, Turbonomic Engineer, discuss “containing the containers” in a containerized environment.

Assure Performance of Containerized Applications

With Docker developers are now empowered to build, ship and run applications faster. As they do so the decisions where to place, how to size and when to provision more or less is significantly impacts the performance, cost and speed at which your organization can adopt containers. The Turbonomic platform enables your teams to define specific quality of service targets and drives changes in the environment based on real-time workload demand to assure the performance of your applications.

Turbonomic workload placement decisions

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container sprawl and intelligent placement

Intelligent Placement


Turbonomic places new containers at the right location based on expected resource demand and full understanding of compute, storage and network resources available in underlying environment. Once they’re running, the platform will drive container live migrations and start/stop decisions in real-time across hosts, clusters, data centers or public clouds to assure sufficient compute, storage and network resource access. With the right initial and continuous placement, you’ll get the best performance as you scale without overtaxing your infrastructure or overspending on public clouds.

Smarter Way to Scale


Should I horizontally scale based on CPU, memory or time of day? Turbonomic drives intelligent scaling based on real-time demand for memory, CPU, storage and network resources. The platform drives horizontal scaling decisions for your containerized applications based on real-time transaction load.

Turbonomic Scaling

Microservices Architecture


Accelerate Microservices Architecture

Extend Turbonomic’s automatable decisions into Kubernetes, Mesos and Cloud Foundry driving placement, start/stop, sizing and orchestration based on real-time application load and best use of available compute, storage and network resources. With one platform for running, deploying and smarter planning you’ll get Dev and Ops on the same page and accelerate your move from monolithic applications to distributed microservices architectures.

Real-time Sizing Decisions

Turbonomic makes real-time container sizing decisions. The platform adds memory or CPU capacity to assure containerized application workloads have sufficient resources to assure performance based of an understanding of the full application supply chain and the ability of the infrastructure to support the increase. At the same time the platform will remove container memory or CPU based on real-time workload demand to maintain efficient utilization of the underlying infrastructure.

Turbonomic Docker Container Resizing

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