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The Azure cloud computing platform offers enterprises multiple options for building, deploying and managing applications and services. Whether it’s for .NET applications, leveraging Microsoft 360 for increased productivity or spinning up Linux containers, Azure has you covered. With all the benefits Azure provides, performance and cost management are still up to your teams to manage.

Turbonomic enables you to accelerate your migration to Azure and assure you get the best performance, cost and compliance enforcement once you’re there.



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With Turbonomic you’ll gain the insights you need to effectively scale on Azure, align with Service Levels and deliver services without overspending.

  • Visibility into costs, resource consumption and application tier, no agents required
  • Specific actions to reduce cost without impacting performance
  • Smarter migrations, from on-premises to Azure or back
  • Purpose-built business compliance engine integrating financial, organizational and regulatory constraints
  • Business policy engine seamlessly integrating and managing the financial, organizational and regulatory constraints you define
  • Application quality of service, intelligent auto-scaling based on multiple dimensions, not a single threshold

Accelerate Azure Migrations

The Turbonomic platform continuously analyzes real-time workload demand and performance characteristics and available resources from on-premises and public cloud service providers. It enables you to model scenarios leveraging real-time data so you can confidently execute a migration to Azure.

Turbonomic accurately matches what you consume on-premises to what you need to consume in Azure to assure performance while lowering cloud costs. The platform provides decisions of which apps to move first, proper virtual machine sizing before you migrate so you don’t overspend and step-by-step guidance of which hosts, data stores, clusters and data centers to retire or repurpose as you migrate.

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Reduce Azure Bills


Turbonomic provides specific decisions to downsize and continuously place instances based on real-time application demand, so you minimize cost without impacting performance. The platform enables you to set an Azure account level budget and continuously analyzes expenses. It tracks what is being spent against the defined budget and projects future monthly bills to accurately plan.

By giving workloads the right amount of resources—not more, not less—you’ll exceed performance expectations while significantly reducing your monthly Azure bill.

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Decisions in under an hour. Payback in less than 3 months.

Centralize Visibility

As multiple groups across your organization leverage cloud services keeping up with what is being consumed where and the associated costs is a daunting challenge. Turbonomic aggregates and centralizes visibility into resource consumptions and costs. Key performance metrics of Azure virtual machines are tracked, reported and trended, including Compute and Storage resources (CPU, Memory, IOPS and Latency), across regions.

Without agents, Turbonomic connects to the applications and aggregates app tier metrics (e.g. connections, heap, threads, response times, transaction rates) to ensure applications get the resources they need when they need them. Azure bills are aggregated across services, regions, accounts and lines of business and tracked in a single view against defined budget. Workload specific costs are continuously tracked and reported by regions, tags or custom groups.

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Enforce Compliance

Turbonomic scaling and placement decisions incorporate your business policies. The platform’s group policy capability lets you define dynamic application and infrastructure resource groups and set QoS targets, priorities, organizational, licensing or financial constraints.

With Turbonomic designated HA workloads are spread across multiple regions complying with risk management specifications for mission-critical applications. Workload placement and movement is limited to sanctioned cloud provider regions or on-premises data centers and clusters.

You’ll easily incorporate PCI, HIPAA, HA and data sovereignty policies and be assured that the platform takes them into account as it provides you with the best scaling decisions.


Turbonomic Pinning QoS

Application QoS on Azure


Azure offers access to compute, storage and network resources across your enterprise. It makes building and scaling simpler but performance management is still up to you. Turbonomic decisions continuously match application workloads to Azure virtual machines based on their real-time resource demands. Scaling decisions are based on workload demand for memory, CPU, storage and network resources (not a single metric). Turbonomic seamlessly controls Azure VMs auto-scaling them as workload demand fluctuates. The platform enables you to deliver the quality of service you need while minimizing your Azure bill and incorporating your business policies.

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