Public Cloud Management

Get the Most Out of Your Public Cloud Environment

Cloud providers offer customers on-demand infrastructure, however, the performance, cost, and compliance tradeoffs that existed on-premises continue to exist in the cloud. Turbonomic software manages these tradeoffs providing real-time resource allocation that assures performance, lower cost, and maintains compliance. It empowers Infrastructure and Operations teams to be the drivers of successful public cloud strategies, not bottle-necks.

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Key Features & Benefits

Turbonomic enables you to get the best performance, cost and compliance no matter where you are in your cloud journey.

Workload placement and scaling based on performance, cost and compliance

Control compute, storage and database services to assure performance and deliver service levels

Seamless integration with AWS, Azure and IBM Softlayer

Lower cloud costs without sacrificing performance

Understand your resource consumption and costs

Enforce compliance across the environment

Turnkey Integration with Public Cloud Providers

Turbonomic integrates with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and IBM Softlayer.

Setup is simply a matter of selecting targets and providing authentication.

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Understand Your Cloud(s)

Infrastructure on-demand opens doors for greater resiliency agility, rapid service delivery, and capital cost efficiency. But it’s important to understand exactly what you’re managing today. Turbonomic sees into every public cloud environment empowering teams with increased visibility into resource consumption and costs.

Key performance metrics of compute, storage and database services in AWS and Azure environments are tracked, reported and trended across cloud providers, regions, zones.

Turbonomic provides a single pane of glass for resource consumption across on-premises data centers, AWS and Azure environments ensuring operational teams can capitalize on the elasticity public cloud environments enable.

Intelligent Placement and Scaling Decisions

Whether you have workloads in a single AWS region or spread across multiple cloud providers Turbonomic understand the unique performance, cost and compliance requirements of every compute, storage and database service. The platform provides intelligent decisions on:

  • Scaling – size cloud assets based on their actual consumption to assure performance, while lowering costs.
  • Placement – place cloud assets in the right zones and regions to deliver reliable performance at the lowest cost, while maintaining compliance.
  • Auto-Scale – Automatically scale workloads across AWS or Azure environments to assure performance.
  • Resilient Placement – ensuring workloads are never placed on the same AWS zone or Azure region, so you will tolerate failures.

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Lower Costs

In the cloud, you don’t pay for what you use, you pay for what you think you’ll use. Selecting the wrong size AWS instance or Azure virtual machine can have a cost differential of 100% or more.

Turbonomic understands the exact consumption needs of your compute, storage and database services and associated AWS and Azure costs:

  • Reduces Cloud Costs – Turbonomic automatically scales down cloud assets in AWS or Azure without impacting performance
  • Reserved Instances and Spot Instances – Turbonomic provides visibility into the costs of every workload, and any pricing method it uses.
  • Controls Budget – Turbonomic aggregates AWS and Azure bills across services, regions, accounts and lines of business, giving you a single view against your defined budget
  • Tracks Workload Specific Costs – Turbonomic continuously tracks AWS and Azure workload-specific costs (including compute, OS, IP and storage) and reports them by regions, tags or custom groups
  • Forecasts Costs – Turbonomic projects future monthly AWS and Azure bills so your teams can accurately plan and budget
  • Improves Cost Management – Turbonomic analyzes AWS and Azure expenses continuously to help track what is being spent and prevent unexpected bills
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Turbonomic Application Demand on Hybrid Cloud

Assure Performance & Service Levels

Application performance requires continuous and sufficient access to memory, CPU, storage and network resources as workload demand fluctuates. Turbonomic controls compute, storage and database services across AWS and Azure environments. Workload demand profiles are continuously matched with the right resources across providers, regions and templates.

The platform automatically scales workloads across the environment as demand fluctuates. Without agents, Turbonomic connects to applications and use metrics collected (e.g. connections, heap, threads, response times, transaction rates) to ensure applications get the resources they need when they need them to align with service levels in the cloud.

Deploy and Reserve Workloads in Private Clouds

Deployment Challenges in Public Cloud

The ease of self-service that cloud providers deliver is great for Application Teams and Developers. It’s complicated for Infrastructure and Operations teams that have to manage performance, cost and compliance across public cloud environments.

  • How do you ensure that end-users select only the AWS instance or Azure virtual machines they actually need so costs don’t get out of control?
  • How do you determine where to place those new workloads?
  • How do you make sure end-users don’t inadvertently spin up an instances or virtual machine out of compliance?
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Enforce Compliance

Most enterprises have compliance policies to adhere to whether its PCI, HIPAA, data sovereignty or resilience levels for mission-critical applications. Effectively managing a cloud environment requires seamlessly incorporating preexisting or new policies. With Turbonomic you’ll keep compliance in check without impacting performance and overspending.

Turbonomic enables you to seamlessly incorporate preexisting placement policies ensuring workload placement and movement is limited to sanctioned cloud provider regions. New policies are easily defined and incorporated into the Turbonomic decision engine.

With Turbonomic designated HA workloads are spread across multiple regions and availability zones complying with risk management specifications for mission critical applications.

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Turbonomic WHITE PAPER


This white paper discusses the challenges that must be recognized and questions that must be considered in order to succeed in this new cloud era. The public cloud promises many things, but there remain three key elements to consider as you transform IT: Performance, Cost, and Agility.

Consider this:

  • Performance is still your problem
  • Costs increase 100-150% if you choose the wrong sized instance
  • Agility is only possible if you assure performance
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