Intelligent Hybrid Cloud Management

Simplify hybrid cloud management assuring performance, lowering costs and ensuring continuous compliance with one platform.

Hybrid cloud architectures enable the benefit of elastic resources to increase resiliency, accelerate dev and test efforts, access more geographic locations and select best-of-breed providers. But managing a hybrid cloud environment without sacrificing performance, violating compliance constraints, wasting on-premises resources or overspending in the cloud is complex.

Turbonomic’s hybrid cloud management solution determines which cloud assets to migrate where and when. It assures application performance, while lowering costs and maintaining compliance requirements across hybrid cloud environments.

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Key Features & Benefits

Turbonomic enables you to get the best performance, cost and compliance across your on-premises and public cloud environments.

Identify which workloads to run where based on performance, cost and compliance

Seamlessly incorporate business policies and let the platform keep workloads in compliance

Lower public cloud costs by accurately matching the consumption of cloud services (compute, storage and database) to AWS and Azure templates

Assure performance and deliver service levels by continuously matching workload demand to available resources

Simplify management with a single platform enabling the same team to manage 10x more workloads

Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Management

Enterprise-ready solutions must scale. Turbonomic’s patented algorithms enable the platform to control hybrid cloud (public and private) environments. Customers use Turbonomic to leverage the elasticity of AWS and Azure when they need to assure performance while maximizing the ROI of on-premises resources.

Identify Which Workloads to Migrate

Turbonomic seamlessly extends across your on-premises environment to the public cloud. It understands the real-time workload consumption and performance characteristics and intelligently matches it to available resources in AWS, Azure or on-premises. The platform automatically identifies the best placement and scaling across the hybrid environment while respecting compliance constraints. With a single platform you’ll accelerate public cloud migrations without overspending.

Lower Public Cloud Costs

Many organizations struggle with effectively selecting the right public cloud templates for compute, storage and database services without sacrificing performance. The number of options and the risk of runaway bills is daunting. Turbonomic continuously matches workload demand to AWS and Azure templates. It automatically presents scaling down options to reduce costs without impacting performance.

Turbonomic analyzes AWS and Azure expenses to track what is being spent and prevent unexpected bills. It aggregates bills across services, regions, accounts and lines a business and tracks them against a predefined budget. Individual workload costs accurately and comprehensively tracked and reported by regions, tags or custom groups and include all associated costs (OS, IP, storage). With Turbonomic cost management and increased visibility you’ll get the benefits of elastic resources without overspending.

public cloud cost breakdown turbonomic screenshot
Turbonomic Application Demand on Hybrid Cloud

Assure Performance and Deliver Service Levels

Application performance requires continuous and sufficient access to memory, CPU, storage and network resources as workload demand fluctuates. Turbonomic controls compute, storage and database services across on-premises, AWS and Azure environments. Workload demand profiles are continuously matched with the right resources, whether those resources reside in your data center, the public cloud or a hybrid cloud combination.

The platform automatically scales workloads across the hybrid environment. Without agents, Turbonomic connects to applications and use metrics collected (e.g. connections, heap, threads, response times, transaction rates) to ensure applications get the resources they need when they need them to align with service levels on-premises or in the cloud.

Seamlessly Incorporate Business Policies

Most enterprises have compliance policies to adhere to whether its PCI, HIPAA, data sovereignty or resilience levels for mission-critical applications. Effectively managing a hybrid cloud requires seamlessly incorporating preexisting or new policies. With Turbonomic you’ll keep compliance in check without impacting performance and overspending.

Turbonomic enables you to seamlessly incorporate preexisting placement policies ensuring workload placement and movement is limited to sanctioned cloud provider regions or on-premises data centers and cluster. New policies are easily defined and incorporated into the Turbonomic decision engine.

With Turbonomic designated HA workloads are spread across multiple regions and availability zones or data center, cluster and hosts on-premises complying with risk management specifications for mission critical applications.

policy management turbonomic screenshot

Simplify Management with a Single Platform

Effective hybrid cloud management starts with leveraging one platform across the on-premises and public cloud environments. Turbonomic offers a single pane of glass for resource consumption across on-premises data centers, AWS and Azure environments. Performance metrics of workloads in AWS and Azure environments are tracked, reported and trended, including Compute and Storage resources (CPU, Memory, IOPS and Latency), across cloud providers, regions, zones.

The Turbonomic platform provides visibility, as well as placement and scaling actions across the entire environment. It incorporates compliance policies and AWS and Azure account budgets. Actions are easily automated for designated clusters or regions allowing operations teams to control 10X more workload across the hybrid environment.

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Turbonomic White Paper

The Path to Hybrid Cloud

Public clouds are relatively new in the IT landscape and their adoption has accelerated over the last few years. Multiple vendors now offer solutions as well as improved on-ramps for workloads to ease the adoption of a hybrid cloud model. With these advances and the ability to choose between a local data center and multiple public cloud offerings, one fundamental question must still be answered: What, when and where to run workloads to assure performance while maximizing efficiency?

This white paper explores some of the players in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and hybrid cloud, the challenges surrounding effective implementation, and how to identify and time the bursting of appropriate workloads.

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