Data Center Consolidation & Migration

Plan and Execute Data Center Migrations with a Single Autonomic Solution

Data center consolidation and migration is a major undertaking that involves all facets of IT. Typically different teams will operate in silos, meeting regularly to align on activities and using static information on the environment, such as Excel spreadsheets. This process forces estimations, creates operational inefficiencies between functions, and puts application performance at risk.

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Key Features & Benefits

Assure application performance across key operational phases: plan, run, build.

Self-organizing workload placement and sizing decisions based on real-time application demand.

Enable cross-functional collaboration: Teams seamlessly plan, build, and execute with a single source of truth.

Minimize performance risks: The software correctly determines what workloads to move when, where to place them, and how to size them.

Optimize the Health of Your Environment

Before you embark on data center migration project, it’s critical that the current state of your environment is healthy. Migrating workloads across environments that are experiencing performance degradation will only exacerbate issues. With Turbonomic set up and automated, workloads in the data center self-organize in real-time to assure performance—in preparation for a data center migration, during the migration, and continuously after the migration.

IT discussing real time data center migration

Plan Your Data Center Migration

When running a plan, Turbonomic takes a snap shot of the real-time environment. It then executes the migration scenarios you define in order to determine whether your target environment can support the new workloads.

How to Run a Data Center Migration Plan:

  • In the Plan View, Drag-and-drop the workloads you plan to migrate into the target data center. Run the plan.
  • If the target environment will not support the new workloads, then Turbonomic will tell you exactly which workloads cannot be placed and what you need to add in order to support them.

Tribune Media Data Center Consolidation

David Giambruno, former CIO of Tribune Media and current CIO of Shutterstock, shares how he saved $120 million in 18-months and launched 87 “major” go-lives with no budget or timeline misses. As part of that transformation, he collapsed 54 data centers into 7 racks.



Executing a Live Migration

Turbonomic allows you to execute a data center migration without downtime. With the right infrastructure in place (network, storage, vSphere, etc.), Turbonomic executes the migration virtual machine by virtual machine with no downtime and no human intervention.

On average, Turbonomic saves 20 hours of downtime per cluster per migration.

How to Execute a Live Migration Across Data Centers:

  • In the Policy view, set placement rules that merge data centers.
  • Turbonomic will abide by those policies as it determines what to move when and where to place it in order to assure the performance of those workloads during the live migration.
  • In the Deploy view, you can also preemptively reserve capacity in the new environment to prepare for the soon-to-be-migrated workloads.
Real-time hyper-converged environment view

Building the New Data Center

With the Plan View you’ve determined exactly what hardware you will need in your new environment to support the migrated workloads. Engineering teams then set up the new hardware with the necessary network, hypervisor, and storage connections that allow workload migration. Turbonomic will recognize the new topology as these changes are made.

Assure Performance Through Any Change

Business demands happen often and quickly. Today it’s data center migrations that must keep up with acquisitions, mergers, or efficiency initiatives. Tomorrow it could be Multi-Cloud Management, Container Automation and Management, or Migration to the Cloud.

Turbonomic assures performance through all changes and advancements by enabling applications and every workload supporting them to self-organize in real time. It empowers your teams to work seamlessly across functions and rapidly deliver results.

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