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Migrate to AWS & Azure on-time and under budget with intelligent planning.

For many organizations cloud-first or cloud-only is the new normal. And getting out of the data center business has become a rallying cry. Public clouds offer many benefits, but they also present multiple performance, operational, architectural and cost considerations.

Turbonomic safely accelerates migrations with a single hybrid cloud management platform, determining which workloads to migrate where and when. It assures application performance, while lowering costs and maintaining compliance requirements across hybrid cloud environments.

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Key Features & Benefits

Turbonomic enables you to get the best performance, cost and compliance as you migrate from your on-premises data centers to public cloud environments.

Identify which workloads to migrate based on performance, cost and compliance

Accurately match workload on-premises to AWS instances and Azure virtual machines

Intelligently use AWS reserved instances (RI) to reduce public cloud costs, based on on-premises consumption and performance

Leverage consumption and performance characteristics to place workloads in the best zones and regions

Identify compute and storage that can be retired or repurposed for on-premises workloads post migration

Automatically scale compute, storage and database services based on on-premises consumption for AWS or Azure

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Identify Which Workloads to Migrate

Turbonomic extends across your on-premises environment and the public cloud. It understands real-time workload consumption and performance characteristics of your workloads. With no agents to install, Turbonomic collects average and peak resource utilization and compliance requirements of every workload. The platform provides centralized visibility and insights into which workloads are candidates for migration. With a few clicks you can simulate a cloud migration to Azure or AWS and fully understand the cost and operational considerations.

Accurately Match

Many organizations struggle with effectively selecting the right AWS instance or Azure virtual machine types for application workloads without sacrificing performance. The number of options and the risk of runaway bills is daunting. Turbonomic automatically identifies the best template, including reserved instances, based on on-premises workload sizing and performance requirements. It presents the specific AWS instance or Azure virtual machine for every workload as well as associated costs.



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Automatic Scaling

Assuring performance of cloud services requires that they have sufficient and continuous access to compute, storage and network resources. Selecting the wrong size template will result in performance degradation and application owner complaints. Overprovisioning based on allocation drives costs up and will stall a migration with runaway bills. Turbonomic automatically sizes compute, storage and database services based on on-premises consumption for AWS or Azure. It assures AWS and Azure services are sized properly from day one and continuously controls them to automatically scale up or down as resource demand fluctuates.

Intelligent Placement Decisions

As you migrate to the cloud you need to consider geographic proximity to end-users as well as complying with business and operational policies, whether its PCI, HIPAA, data sovereignty or resilience levels for mission-critical applications. Effectively migrating to a public cloud provider requires seamlessly incorporating preexisting and new policies.

Turbonomic leverages on-premises consumption and performance characteristics to place workloads in the right zones and regions to deliver reliable performance at the lowest cost and maintain compliance. Preexisting placement policies are seamlessly incorporated and new policies can be easily defined ensuring workload placement is limited to sanctioned cloud provider regions. HA workloads are spread across multiple regions and availability zones complying with risk management specifications for mission-critical applications.

With Turbonomic you’ll keep compliance in check without impacting performance or overspending.

Retire or Repurpose Resources

One of the main benefits of a cloud migration is the ability to free up on-premises capacity. Turbonomic’s hybrid cloud management capabilities enable you to control both your public cloud and on-premises environment. As you migrate to the cloud, Turbonomic identifies compute and storage that can be safely retired reducing licensing, power, cooling and operational management costs. The platform also ensures that those workloads that remain on-premises get sufficient access to the resources they need to perform.

With Turbonomic you’ll accelerate your migration assuring performance on-premises and off. You will quickly reduce your on-premises footprint or repurpose resources for those workloads that need them most.

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