Capacity Management

Meet Future Demand with Confidence

Organizations today are doing everything in their power to deliver faster go-to-market strategies. Turbonomic offers quick and accurate capacity management (minutes, not months) that enables your teams to effectively scale IT with the demands of today’s competitive markets.

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Key Features & Benefits

Scale smarter.

Answer any “what if” questions.

Get before-and-after pictures in minutes.

Make better-informed decisions about your environment.

What Turbonomic Customers Are Saying

“Rabobank Group has gained visibility into resource consumption for show-back or charge-back policies, assured new workloads are deployed to the best location, maintained reserved capacity for new workloads in a dynamic environment, and modeled capacity needs for new tenants in their private cloud with Turbonomic.”

Source: Leo Nicolescu, Engineer, Rabobank Group

Make Better-Informed Decisions About Your Environment

As you begin to think about making changes to your environment – supporting new projects, refreshing hardware, consolidating clusters, and projecting growth – the outcome of these changes needs to be a healthy environment. Turbonomic provides a before-and-after picture of the environment, specific workload placement recommendations, hardware utilization rates, and hard-dollar savings

Capacity Planning What If Scenarios

Scale Smarter

Turbonomic tracks both peak and average utilization rates taking seasonality into account and enables you to reserve capacity for future projects. When you can’t meet demand for future reservations, you can easily run a plan to purchase only what you need.

cloud team discussing what if scenarios

Answer Any “What If” Questions

When you have the same platform planning as you have controlling the real-time environment, you can make smarter on-boarding decisions.

  • Data Center Consolidations
  • Upgrading Server Hardware
  • Improving VM Headroom
  • Existing Application Growth
  • Deploying New Application Workloads
  • DR Planning
  • Physical to Virtual (P2V) Migrations
  • Hypervisor (V2V) Migrations
  • Cluster Flattening

What Turbonomic Customers Are Saying

What Turbonomic Customers Are Saying

"It has enabled us to better utilize our existing virtual resources, to avoid future purchases of server hardware, and to forecast more accurately on application deployments and capacity expansion."

Source: Virtualization Admin, S&P 500 Energy & Utilities Company

See what our Workload Automation for Hybrid Cloud can do for you.

Decisions in under an hour. Payback in less than 3 months.

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Turbonomic White Paper

Capacity Management in the Modern Data Center

Static assessments of environments have no place where rapid service delivery is a must. The introduction of virtualization introduced the Intelligent Workload Management (IWM) problem where capacity management was no longer a sufficient solution to assuring application performance. This white paper explores the traditional methods of managing capacity in the datacenter, the new approach IT must adopt to stay competitive, and how you can assure application performance while scaling your infrastructure.

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