Capacity Planner

Plan More Accurately at the Speed of Business

As the capacity planner for the IT organization, you anticipate and scope future resources requirements and projected spend. Merging application behaviors with projected growth and change provides you with a formula for predicting the required resources to meet service levels.

Now the Reality

The supply chain of resources required to deliver an application are extremely complex and loaded with multi-dimensional dependencies. Most planning models, spreadsheets, and scripts are incapable of mapping the complexity of today’s applications. Moreover, they only consider what’s been allocated, not what’s actually being used. Ignoring real-time application demand introduces critical resource blind spots that can negatively impact accuracy.

Turbonomic is unique in that it combines capacity management with real-time, dynamic workload management into a single platform. It allows teams in both capacity planning and operations functions to rapidly run more accurate plans and execute them with confidence.

Capacity Planners can build models that reflect the entire supply chain of resources and leverage real-time information to make the most accurate planning decisions. By using a single solution to capture information, perform what-if scenarios, and measure the impact of the change, the entire lifecycle of capacity planning (measure, plan, implement …) is completely integrated and delivers the best results, in the shortest amount of time, at the lowest cost.

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Turbonomic Enables Greater Performance for Large Virtual Environments.

“I was able to sell the solution to management in under 15 minutes. I showed them that our planning process could be cut down to less than 30 minutes, rather than four to five days using the manual spreadsheet method. There’s a variance you can’t account for when you do it manually, but Turbonomic can see that and solve for it. It even shows us that we could turn off one host entirely.”

Chris Childerhose, Technical Specialist: Storage, Virtualization, & Backup - McMillan

Plan for Any Change, Technology-Agnostic is Future-Proof

As new technologies are adopted, the environment changes. Turbonomic provides real-time, full-stack visibility into the environment, no matter what hardware, virtualization, or cloud solution your organization has been adopted. The platform is hypervisor, infrastructure and cloud agnostic. Because Turbonomic’s algorithms apply fundamental economic concepts to the data center, it makes autonomic IT possible—and planning at the speed of business a reality.

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Capacity Management in the Modern Data Center

The introduction of virtualization introduced the Intelligent Workload Management (IWM) problem where capacity management was no longer a sufficient solution to assuring application performance. This white paper explores the traditional methods of managing capacity in the datacenter, the new approach IT must adopt to stay competitive, and how you can assure application performance while scaling your infrastructure.

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