Transform Legacy IT as You Adopt New Technologies

As the catalyst for change in the IT organization, you identify and standardize on the most reliable, scalable, and efficient solutions to achieve the group’s goals. In addition, you vet the technologies that can advance business initiatives, add scalability, and integrate seamlessly with the team’s existing solutions.

Now the Reality

All IT transformation comes with risk. Introducing new processes and technologies for all the right reasons can have an unforeseen impact that can degrade end user response time. Without understanding the technology dependencies throughout the entire supply chain, Architects are making their “guestimate” on how the change will impact quality of service.

Turbonomic provides Architects with an autonomic solution that delivers the best application performance and infrastructure efficiency at all times. Architects can now understand the impact of introducing new technologies and the impact on dependencies before going live. Leveraging information captured from a production environment and running what-if scenarios provides the insight needed to confirm and accelerate strategic decisions.

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Dynamic Optimization Technology for Infrastructure Resources and Cloud Services

The Future-Proof Solution for Agents of Change

Turbonomic is hypervisor, infrastructure and cloud agnostic, ensuring success no matter what new technologies you adopt. The platform abstracts any virtualized and cloud environment into a market of service supply chains. Then, using the principles of supply, demand, and price, it enables applications to self-manage, ensuring they get the resources they need to perform. These fundamental economic concepts make autonomic IT that manages heterogeneous environments possible.  

“We’re continuing to grow rapidly, and during the acquisition process Turbonomic can look into the virtual environment to map out our plan of action. When consolidating data centers, we can easily prepare for bringing on new workloads and ensure they receive the resources they need, without disrupting services to the engineers and their clients.”

Ross Goldstein, Sr Cloud Services Architect - All Covered



The State of Multi-Cloud, Part 1

Verizon and Turbonomic have collaborated on a survey series, which will collectively establish a baseline for where organizations currently reside on their cloud journey, and establish a framework for proceeding on the path to hybrid cloud over the next three years.

In this report we highlight:

  • The State of Public Cloud
  • The State of Private Cloud
  • The State of Multi-Cloud
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