When Technology is the Business, IT Must Keep Up

For technology providers IT drives or often is the business. Whether shipping new devices or delivering SaaS, developers must be able to quickly stand up new applications, while leveraging multiple vendors. Data center and cloud administrators must keep up with the speed of business.


Customer Story

CDI Corporation

CDI is a hybrid cloud solutions provider with a traditional technology integrator business as well as managed services and cloud solutions. It is both a technology implementer as well as a consumer of the technologies they sell and implement for their clients.

The company leverages Turbonomic to deliver application performance improvements to its customers, while driving 60% greater efficiency in their environment.

Autonomic IT Drives Rapid Service Delivery and Assures Performance

If applications fail, the business suffers—in today’s competitive markets, slow is the new down (and down is the new out). Turbonomic assures application performance by continuously matching real-time application workload demand to available infrastructure supply. When software keeps the environment in a healthy state, developers are happy and the business grows.

DevOps Admin Ninjas

Turbonomic improves application performance by 37%.

Read the Principled Tech study.

Customer Story

Sky Betting & Gaming

“We’re a technology business that happens to be in the betting industry. That means that we absolutely make the right choices in terms of innovative cutting edge technology to deliver products to market at high quality, high availability, ahead of our competitors. So our performance demands are pretty hard to meet…”

– Lee O’Donnell, Director IT Infrastructure & Security



Be Technology Agnostic

When technology is the business, multiple vendors, platforms or hypervisors are often an organizational reality. No matter the workload or infrastructure, the Turbonomic hybrid cloud management platform will keep virtual and cloud environments in a healthy state. The market abstraction allows Turbonomic to be technology agnostic because ultimately every entity in virtual and cloud environments is a buyer or a seller of resources. See our growing list of Technology Partners.

Scale Smarter

Ensuring that IT stays a competitive advantage does not come cheaply. Scale smarter with Turbonomic:

Increase Utilization—Most customers increase their utilization by 40-59%.

Decrease Licensing Costs—Efficiently used infrastructure requires fewer licenses. Learn more about reducing licensing costs.

Mitigate Compliance Risk—Administrators can easily define dynamic groups and rule assignment, keeping VMs only in the hosts for which they are licensed.


Turbonomic Future Proof Climbing

Case Study All Covered, Inc.All Covered, the managed services division of Konica Minolta, seamlessly transitions acquired data centers and plans for growth with Turbonomic.
Case Study GBGGBG prepares for 5x growth and prevents system bottlenecks with Turbonomic
Case Study Interactive Intelligence Group, Inc.Interactive Intelligence Group, Inc, innovates deliberately and proactively with Turbonomic.