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Service Providers Must Deliver Excellence at Scale

Service Providers are under increasing pressure to deliver better services faster. Application performance cannot be sacrificed at the expense of efficiency, and vice versa. Their complex cloud environments must drive service excellence, while achieving competitive economies of scale.


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Global Net Access (GNAX) is a cloud service provider, offering data center colocation and cloud services. GNAX uses Turbonomic to control their virtual and cloud environments, delivering better services and driving smarter growth.

No platform could solve for Unicloud Director, native VMware, and Hyper-V all in the same vein. That was really cool.

William D. Souder, VP, Engineering & Online Operations, GNAX

Turbonomic improves application performance by 37%.

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Achieve Competitive Economies of Scale

Turbonomic’s intelligent workload management solution is a competitive advantage that ensures smart growth.

By assuring application performance while maximizing efficiency, Service Providers onboard more new customers at minimal cost, achieving competitive economies of scale.

Better, Faster Service Delivery

Turbonomic continuously keeps cloud environments in a healthy state. The software decides what workloads to place where and when, allowing administrators to deliver better services faster.

Drive Costs Down

Every workload and every customer comes with a cost. Minimize it with Turbonomic.

Increase Utilization: Most customers increase their utilization by 40-59%.

Decrease Licensing Costs: Efficiently used infrastructure requires fewer licenses.

Mitigate Compliance Risk: Administrators can easily define dynamic groups and rule assignment, keeping VMs only in the hosts for which they are licensed.

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Cost Curve with Turbonomic


Do More with Less

With Turbonomic keeping cloud environments in a healthy state, IT teams are more productive. Free from firefighting and alerts, they can focus on IT innovation that drives smart business growth. Operational productivity is crucial in this highly competitive market.

Confidently Deliver on SLAs

Forget costly infrastructure tiers, with Turbonomic administrators simply define Quality of Service levels (transactions per second, response time).

The software then continuously controls the environment in a state in which the specified QoS levels are delivered.

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Customize to Compete

In the face of stiff competition, Service Providers must find innovative and unique ways to deliver excellent service.

Turbonomic’s API and SDK enable Service Providers to do so, knowing that however unique their cloud services, application performance is assured.

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Future-Proof Investments

The Turbonomic hybrid cloud management platform enables heterogeneous environments to self-manage to assure the performance of any application on any infrastructure or cloud. The market abstraction allows Turbonomic to be technology agnostic because ultimately every entity in cloud environments is a buyer or a seller of resources.

For technology investments today and in the future, Turbonomic will continuously keep the environment in a healthy state.

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