Preventive Medicine for Mission-Critical Applications

Healthcare IT gives profound meaning to the term “mission-critical applications.” EMRs (or EHRs), PACS, and VDI are central to delivering healthcare services that save lives—performance is paramount. This highly regulated, complex industry needs its equally complex and dynamic cloud environments to operate in a state where application performance is assured, while efficiency is maximized.

“Turbonomic enabled us to achieve greater density without impacting performance, has minimized the need for additional hardware purchases and provided greater insight into our virtual environment.”
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“The trend in health care today is preventative medicine, making sure people don’t get sick in the first place… that’s exactly what we’re doing in our virtual infrastructure with Turbonomic… it’s awesome.”

Jesse Kozikowski, Server Analyst II, Aspirus Wausau Hospital

Assure Systems Performance

Data at the speed of touch is crucial to modern healthcare. EMRs, EHRs, PACS, VDI—these digital services provide instant gratification or instant pain to their end-users. Only Turbonomic continuously assures the performance of mission-critical applications that save lives.

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Turbonomic improves application performance by 37%.

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Meet Industry Requirements with Confidence

Across the globe, healthcare providers operate in highly regulated, complex industries. Advances in big data, analytics, and “always-on” applications are driving the demand for digital health services whether by legislation, doctors, or patients. Turbonomic ensures those services are always up and running by keeping virtual and cloud environments in a continuously healthy state.

Maximize IT Efficiency

The multi-dimensional components of healthcare services rarely come cheap. Healthcare IT must drive efficiency wherever possible in order for their organizations to survive in an increasingly competitive and scrutinized market. Minimize IT costs with Turbonomic:

Increase Utilization: Most customers increase their utilization by 40-59%.

Decrease Licensing Costs: Efficiently used infrastructure requires fewer licenses. Learn more about Performance-Driven Licensing.

Mitigate Compliance Risk: Administrators can easily define dynamic groups and rule assignment, keeping VMs only in the hosts for which they are licensed.

Scale QoS Utilization

Do More with Less

With Turbonomic keeping cloud environments in a healthy state, IT teams are more productive. Free from firefighting and alerts, they can focus on IT innovation that drives smart business growth. Operational productivity is crucial in this highly competitive market.


Future-Proof Investments

Turbonomic controls any workload on any infrastructure, any time, anywhere. The market abstraction allows Turbonomic to be technology agnostic because ultimately every entity in cloud environments is a buyer or a seller of resources. Whatever today’s technology investments or those to be made in the future, Turbonomic will continuously keep those environments in a healthy state. See our growing list of Technology Partners.


Customer Story


AMAXX is the premiere NCQA accredited Perinatal Population Health Management firm operating in Western Tennessee. Utilizing its biopsychosocial Perinatal+ product and approach, Alpha Maxx’s collaborative initiative has dramatically and consistently stabilized, and reduced the incidents of prematurity and infant mortality in Western Tennessee.

Case Study Mary Washington HealthcareMary Washington Healthcare needed to control VM sprawl and intelligently grow into its infrastructure - from server to storage.
Case Study Aspirus Wausau HospitalAspirus automates performance-optimizing placement decisions for nearly 900 VMs including Epic EHR with Turbonomic.