Confidently Deliver Digital Services to Constituents

Government agencies are under increasing pressure to deliver better, faster services to meet the high-stakes demands of constituents. Applications are the lifeblood of these services and performance and reliability are crucial as e-Gov initiatives expand.

State and Local Government

Government services are going digital and application performance is paramount. Complex, highly dynamic virtual environments must be controlled in software.

Federal Government

Mandates to consolidate, reduce TCO, and move to the cloud are top of mind for Federal Agencies. Enabling these initiatives requires an autonomic solution.


Turbonomic improves application performance by 37%.

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Enable State and Local Government QoS at Scale

State and Local Government Agencies face growing demands for the quality of services delivered to the public, combined with increasingly restrictive budgetary concerns. Turbonomic enables these organizations to deliver the optimal level of service at scale, while reducing CapEx and OpEx.


Do More with Less

From online self-service parking portals to national security databases, government IT must be as efficient as it is reliable. Simultaneously achieving both goals must be done in software. Administrators avoid mundane firefighting tasks because Turbonomic makes decisions and takes actions. Instead they focus on strategic and innovative projects that achieve organizational goals.

Boost Team Productivity

As State and Local Government services go increasingly digital, teams are expected to manage more complex environments with the same number of people and same amount of time. Leveraging Turbonomic, you can manage infrastructure at scale with minimal hands-on effort, increasing your team’s productivity to keep pace with infrastructure expansion.

Team ON 2.0 Architecture

Case Study: City of Garland, Texas

“It was a minimum savings of $200,000, but we easily saved $300K-$400K if you consider Dev.” Dammions Darden, Sr. System Engineer, City of Garland, Texas

Rapidly Deliver on Federal Agency Missions with Efficiency

The Federal Government faces a unique set of challenges across Civilian, Intelligence, and Defense Agencies. Whether your agency is focused on supporting operations overseas, maintaining national security, or protecting the public’s health and well-being, Turbonomic enables your team to deliver a performant, efficient infrastructure with ease while integrating with existing security policies – so that you can focus on the mission at hand.

Consolidate Current Footprint

Although the 2010 Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative was supplanted by the Data Center Optimization Initiative in August 2016, the mandate to reduce the number of federal data centers is still an important goal. Turbonomic enables customers to increase utilization levels by 40% on average, while assuring applications continue to perform. Because Turbonomic makes the optimal decisions for you, your team is able to reduce datacenter footprint while also improving TCO of the infrastructure you continue to maintain. Learn more about Data Center Migration and Consolidation here. 

migrating application workloads on prem

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Optimize Remaining Infrastructure

With the advent of the DCOI, Federal IT shops are under greater pressure than ever to reduce the costs associated with managing the virtualized infrastructure. Leveraging the Turbonomic hybrid cloud management platform, Federal IT shops can reach new levels of energy efficiency, reduce manual management efforts through automation, and safely increase application virtualization levels.

The State of Energy Consumption in the Modern Datacenter

The Data centers are one of the fastest-growing global consumers of electricity, and in the United States alone an estimated 12 million computer servers are currently occupying data center space. With the advent of virtualization, progress has been made in reducing physical data center energy use; however, research has revealed that a significant quantity of resources are still routinely wasted – primarily due to server underutilization.

In this e-book, we examine the costs of server underutilization on both the environment and business, and how increasing server utilization is key to reducing data center energy consumption and global business costs.

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Facilitate Your Move to the Cloud

The Turbonomic hybrid cloud management platform is trusted by enterprises around the world to guarantee the performance of any application on any cloud or infrastructure. As Federal Agencies seek to leverage public and hybrid cloud technologies, Turbonomic can enable faster adoption and scalability with ease as you navigate a complex new set of challenges.

Turbonomic technology agnostic - monk meditating

Enable Agency Agility

Technology should drive the business, not constrict it. Often multiple vendors, platforms or hypervisors are an organizational reality. No matter the workload or infrastructure, the Turbonomic hybrid cloud management platform will keep virtual and cloud environments in a healthy state. The market abstraction allows Turbonomic to be technology agnostic because ultimately every entity in virtual and cloud environments is a buyer or a seller of resources. See our growing list of Technology Partners.

Case Study: U.S. Department of the Interior

“Turbonomic addressed our performance issues immediately, and has kept the system healthy since.” – Eric Fahrenbrook, Project Manager, U.S. Dept. of the Interior

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