Academic Institutions Going Digital Need IT at Its Best

As academic organizations ramp up digital learning services and student management, the applications and systems that underpin them are increasingly mission-critical. From online content delivery to record systems to VDI, there is no part of an institution’s services that can afford to fail.


Customer Story

Boston College

With Turbonomic, Boston College is able to reliably and efficiently deliver virtualized IT services to more than 14,400 undergraduate and graduate students. Dave Rosala, Manager of OS Services and Systems Administration, and Michael Bourque, CIO of Boston College share the vision and mission of BC Information Technology Services and how Turbonomic has helped.

Assure Application Performance

Academic institutions face increasing pressure and competition when it comes to student and faculty services. Turbonomic assures application performance by continuously matching real-time application workload demand to available infrastructure supply. When software keeps the environment in a healthy state, students can focus on learning and faculty can focus on teaching.

Turbonomic improves application performance by 37%.

Read the Principled Tech study.

Scale Smarter

Education IT must strategically prepare for growth. Rising tuition costs have brought increasing scrutiny to budgets across all departments. Where IT has traditionally been perceived as a cost center; with Turbonomic, teams deliver better services at scale.

Increase Utilization: With Turbonomic, most customers increase their utilization by 40-59%.

Decrease Licensing Costs: Efficiently used infrastructure requires fewer licenses. Learn more about Performance-Driven Licensing.

Mitigate Compliance Risk: Administrators can easily define dynamic groups and rule assignment, keeping VMs only in the hosts for which they are licensed.

Scale QoS Utilization

Case Study Boston CollegeBoston College reached 80% virtualization, and sought to safely maximize utilization of its existing resources.
Case Study Georgetown UniversityGeorgetown University improves resource utilization, decreases end-user alerts and gains control of mission-critical applications with Turbonomic.
Case Study London School of EconomicsLSE has always put engagement with the wider world at the heart of its mission. From its location in the heart of London, the School links communities across the world...

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