Continuously Optimize your AWS Estate

Millions of customers leveraging AWS to increase agility, unlock elasticity and build their next generation applications on the world class services. But today’s approach of optimizing as a one-time exercise pre or post migration is not enough as workloads fluctuate in demand and the AWS catalog constantly expands and evolves. As the pace of cloud adoption accelerates, it’s clear that continuous optimization is necessary to allow organization to assure performance and enforce compliance at the lowest cost to the business.

Key Features & Benefits

Turbonomic’s Workload Automation platform continuously optimizes entire hybrid cloud environments with precise, consumption-based actions. Our recommendations ensure workloads get the resources they actually need to run in the cloud – no more, no less. This allows our customer to run their AWS environment at the lowest cost to the business while delivering their application SLAs and adhering to business policies.

Holistic understanding of on-premises and AWS environments enable customers to manage and optimize their hybrid estate through a single pane of glass

Rapid time-to-value. Quickly installs without agents and discovers hybrid cloud inventory within 45 minutes, generates actionable decisions to assure performance and compliance at the lowest cost to the business in hours

Continuously clean up idle resources, ensuring that customers only pay for the resources they need to deliver upon application SLAs while remaining in the constraints of business policies

Turbonomic’s hybrid cloud platform recommends optimization before migration enabling customers to migrate fewer, right-sized workloads, keeping cloud spend under control from day one

MetroStar Systems Optimizes AWS Estate with Turbonomic

The Turbonomic Difference

Keep Cloud Spend Under Control From Day One

Optimization prior to migration is a critical step in starting on the right foot in AWS.  Turbonomic’s holistic understanding of the consumption needs of the on-premises workloads enables IT teams to move fewer, right-sized workloads to AWS and it prevents teams from migrating unused resources which add unnecessary cost to your monthly bill.

Turbonomic & AWS Data Sheet


Fortune 500 Oil and Gas Company Success Story

Enable Responsible Agility

Turbonomic’s continuous optimization enables customers to deliver their application SLAs while eliminating the costly use of un- or under-utilized cloud resources as well as scheduling the suspension of workloads in off hours.

Unlock True Elasticity

For an AWS estate of any scale, continuous optimization is critical. Turbonomic unlocks true elasticity by automatically sizing compute, storage and RDS to meet demand, continuously adopting new configurations as they are released. As Amazon Web Services continues to expand their offerings, continuous optimization for performance at the optimal cost is not possible without the intelligence and speed of Turbonomic.

AWS Optimization for MetroStar Systems Success Story

Unified Control: On-Premises and Cloud

Turbonomic continuously optimizes all resources on-premises AND in AWS to assure application performance across the entire hybrid estate at the lowest possible cost. 

Live Demo: Featuring New Continuous AWS Reserved Instance Consumption

Demo: Accelerate AWS Migrations and Optimize AWS Footprint

Demo: Plan AWS Migrations & Optimize in AWS

How do customers use Turbonomic to continuously optimize AWS, as well as their on-premises data centers? This demo explains how Turbonomic:

  • recommends and automates a continuous series of micro-improvements to provide workloads with precisely their resources they need – on prem and in the cloud
  • generates fast, accurate cloud migration plans based on a deep understanding of the entire stack

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