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Organizations worldwide are lifting & shifting workloads to the cloud every day. But today’s industry-standard cloud migration “plans” simply aren’t accurate or actionable without significant human intervention. And that has real consequences, from lengthy and expensive migrations, to cost-overruns and performance problems once the migration is complete.

Key Features & Benefits

Turbonomic radically accelerates AWS migrations with fast, dynamic, full environment assessments, precise, consumption-based cloud migration plans and the on-going confidence of Turbonomic’s intelligent and continuous optimization in AWS.

Rapid time-to-value. Quickly installs without agents and discovers inventory within an hour, generates actionable cloud migration plans in minutes

Consumption-based cloud migration plans accurately account for application resource needs; sizing up for performance, sizing down/utilize RIs for cost

Holistic understanding of on-prem and public cloud environment ensures accuracy throughout migration projects

Accurately Model TCO for AWS. Map on-premises workloads to the proper compute, data base and storage including RI savings

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The Turbonomic Difference

AWS Optimization for MetroStar Systems Success StoryTurbonomic & AWS Data Sheet

Assess Entire Hybrid Estate

Start your cloud journey by truly understanding what you currently have – on-premises and in the cloud – allowing you to make a data-driven decision that best aligns your applications.

Turbonomic provides complete and accurate environment assessment based on current demand profiles of workloads within 48 hours. Turbonomic’s agentless platform discovers all application dependencies and generates actionable, dynamic and consumption-based assessments with minimal human effort.

Fast, Accurate AWS Migration Plans

With AWS as the destination for your applications, generate dynamic, actionable cloud migration plans in days.

With your migration plan in hand, leverage Turbonomic API integration with various partners and other leading cloud migration tools to accelerate your migration. 

Turbonomic generates simulations demonstrating the cost of executing a lift & shift or “allocation based” migration versus a “consumption based” migration that considers Turbonomic’s optimization recommendations.


In minutes Turbonomic provides cloud ready migration plans that map your on-premises workloads to the proper instance type, storage and whether it is RI eligible.

Plan (and Re-Plan) On Demand

Keep your migration plan current throughout the entire cloud migration process. Your IT environment and applications are not static and AWS is constantly creating new generations and revising their pricing.

Turbonomic continuously ingests all available cloud configuration types and the latest pricing models to ensure that your migration plan is always fresh and accurate, while simultaneously optimizing your on-premises environment in real-time. 

Unified Control: On-Premises and Cloud

Turbonomic continuously optimizes all resources on-premises AND in AWS to assure application performance across the entire hybrid estate at the lowest possible cost. 

Turbonomic provides a single pane of glass to visualize your hybrid cloud estate and provides actionable recommendations to optimize it.

Fortune 500 Oil and Gas Success Story

Fortune 500 Oil and Gas Company Saves 40% on AWS Bill Through Turbonomic's Continuous Optimization

Turbomonic leverages an understanding of the entire stack – from the application to the hardware layer – to automatically generate a migration assessment that enables IT Teams to quickly and accurately assess, plan & migrate, and optimize their AWS environments. 

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