Watch: Turbonomic 5.5 Release Webinar

Control Any Workload On Any Infrastructure At Any Time

What’s New in Turbonomic 5.5?

Turbonomic 5.5 features: Cloud Control for vRealize Automation, integration with IBM PowerVM, easy hypervisor migration with Turbonomic Cross Anything Migration 

Every new release of Turbonomic adds more proof-points in our journey towards controlling any workload on any infrastructure at any time. Watch the 5.5 release webinar to learn about the latest implementations of our market abstraction into and across the stack, including:


New Integrations

    • Private Cloud Control: Turn-key Integration with VMware vRealize Automation
      Real-time placement decisions for your vRA self-service portal and workload provisioning enable you to assure application performance and accelerate your private cloud initiatives
    • Extend Control to IBM PowerVM
      Sizing and placement decisions for LPARS assuring performance of PowerVM workloads

Cross Anything Migration

    • Break-down data center boundaries and migrate workloads across private and public environments to get the most out your available resources without sacrificing performance

Remote Planning

    • Enhanced planning functionality, which enables you to run what-if scenarios on a separate VM enabling more users to run more scenarios

User Interface Improvements

    • New dashboards provide a clearer understanding of the decisions Turbonomic makes and the impact to application performance and infrastructure efficiency

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