Watch: Turbonomic 5.4 Release Webinar

Control Any Workload On Any Infrastructure At Any Time

What’s New in Turbonomic 5.4?

Control for Cloud Foundry, Cross vCenter Migration, EMC XtremIO & EMC VMAX, IBM Softlayer & more!

Every new release of Turbonomic adds more proof-points in our journey towards controlling any workload on any infrastructure at any time. Watch the 5.4 release webinar to learn about the latest implementations of our market abstraction into and across the stack, including:



  • Cloud Foundry PaaS Management
    Control Cloud Foundry workloads to assure PaaS performance – and happy developers.
  • Enhancements to Application Control Module
    Authenticate to Microsoft SQL databases with Active Directory authentication, getting all the benefits of the Application Control Module.


  • Migrate VMs between vCenter Targets
    Extending our support for vSphere 6.0, bring Turbonomic’s Decision Engine to your migration planning – disaster recover (DR) scenarios or re-hosting to more modern infrastructure.


  • Control EMC XtremIO & EMC VMAX storage
    Turbonomic’s storage-aware placement capabilities now extend to EMC XtremIO and EMC VMAX. Customers can get the most out of their storage investments knowing that IO intensive workloads will always get the resources they need, as Turbonomic minimizes resource contention across storage, compute and network.
  • Controlling Microsoft Storage SMB3 to fully leverage Hyper-V
  • Minimizing storage latency in Nutanix web scale infrastructure
  • Minimizing storage latency in Dell Compellent


  • Intelligently bursting to IBM Softlayer

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