Turbonomic Webinar Series: XtremIO & Turbonomic

Recorded Wednesday, February 24, 2016 | 2:00 – 3:00 EST

Yuri Rabover, SVP Product Strategy, Turbonomic
Vikram Belapurkar, Principal Product Marketing Manager, EMC XtremIO

Congratulations! You’ve passed the 90% virtualized watermark, including those databases, OLTP, VDI and other I/O intensive workloads. But whether it’s for a private cloud or consolidating multiple Tier 1 apps, unless you take care of performance you won’t get much sleep. Your infrastructure – especially storage sprawl – will remain the bottleneck for QoS, cost containment, and Operations’ ability to quickly take on new applications. Neither hybrid flash storage nor scale-up flash architectures can deliver these massive consolidations, so your environment is too darned complex, unwieldy, unpredictable, and expensive.

Solving the problem only at the storage layer will expose the next bottleneck in compute, network or application.

Come learn about application performance control across the entire stack and the new infrastructure best practices with scale-out all-flash arrays, in-memory cloning operations, and inline data services that have transformed many of your peers. Point and shoot all your workloads on to a control instance and consolidated scale-out platform to meet all SLAs with incredible operational, storage efficiency, and bullet-proof consistent latency and IOPS. No more performance tuning or chasing alerts. Instant in-memory VM cloning and app copy services with no capacity impact. Radically simple VM control at scale for all workloads and SLAs.

We discuss these capabilities with customer examples, including

  • How to assure application quality of service across all flash and heterogeneous storage environments 
  • What does it take to enable massive mixed workload consolidation for multiple Tier 1 workloads 
  • Why real-time automatable placement, sizing and provision decisions at every layer of the stack enable performance control 
  • How you can provision 1000s of VMs instantly with no overhead, no SLA risk, and no infrastructure impact
  • Why the hypervisor integrations matter for large-scale virtual environments

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