Webcast: Best Practices in Healthcare Virtualization with Mary Washington Healthcare

How Mary Washington Healthcare Used Turbonomic to Save $180K On Day 1

Amid the roll-out of HIPAA-mandated compliance, Meaningful Use, and other Healthcare waves, Technology Infrastructure Manager George Amols ushers us through the reactive cycle of IT operations at MWHC from which he sought to break free. In this healthcare virtualization webinar, you’ll catch a complete demonstration of Turbonomic, and learn of Mary Washington’s successes.

Healthcare IT Webcast

Watch this informative on-demand webinar and learn how Mary Washington Healthcare leverages Turbonomic to maximize both performance and efficiency in its virtual environment of more than 900 VMs.


During the webcast, we’ll cover:

  • How MWHC eliminated contention-based VM outages and failures
  • Their use of What-If capacity planning to maximize utilization and grow with precision
  • How MWHC automates VM migration using Turbonomic’s Economic Scheduling Engine
  • And the $180K up-front savings they garnered through more intelligent resource utilization


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