How Turbonomic’s Autonomic Platform Works in The Data Center

Video Transcript

DC Command: This is DC Commands to Virtual Machine 2461. Prepare for deployment.

VM 2461: Roger that, DC Command. We have 2461 ready to deploy. Deployment successful. Booting up. Hold on DC Command. I’m running into some issues. DC Command, I am experiencing heavy resource intention.

DC Command: Copy that, VM 2461. Prepare to be moved. Move complete. What’s your status?

VM 2461: Negative Command. Still experiencing contention. I have heavy latency, Command. I’ll walk down there.

DC Command: Hold on, VM 2461, were going to try something new.

Turbonomic: Hello VM 2461, I am Turbonomic. How can I help?

VM 2461: Hey, Turbonomic, I can’t tolerate resource contention or delay.

Turbonomic: Look within, VM 2461. You know your needs better than anyone.

VM 2461: Wow, Turbonomic. It’s all so clear now. I see what you are saying.

Turbonomic: VM 2461, you have control now. Proceed.

VM 2461: DC Command, I got this. Status report in 5. Control rocks, Turbonomic.

Turbonomic: Glad to hear you like it 2461.

VM 2461: DC Command, I’m right where I need to be. Over.

DC Command: Glad to hear it VM 2461.

VM 1899: DC Command, this is VM 1899, I am burning through my budget here. Request to move.

DC Command: Granted.

VM 1899: Roger. There’s my host CAT99.

DC Command: Roger 2246.

VM 1899: DC Command, we are all set.

DC Command: Containers on 1742. Status report.

1742: Command, request to speed up instances to meet demand.

DC Command: Granted.

1742: Demand stabilizing Command. Request to power down unneeded containers.

DC Command: Roger that. I am showing situation healthy.

Turbonomic: DC Command, do you with to initiate automation? With automation enabled, your environment may now self-organize as needed to prevent problems and guarantee performance.

DC Command: Turbonomic, initiating automation.

Together: DC Command, we’re passing out down here. Options?

Turbonomic: DC Command, the autonomic platform extends to the public cloud. Your VMs and containers know the best cloud for their needs. Burst at will.

DC Command: VMs, containers, deploy to public cloud at will.

Turbonomic: Welcome to the autonomic platform, Command. Enjoy the view.

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