SMART Workload Automation for Hybrid Cloud With Turbonomic

Video Transcript

The workload. The building block of our digital world.

Over the years, the workload has taken many shapes and sizes, depending on the infrastructure where it worked.

No matter its size or shape, the fundamental aspects of the workload have never changed: application logic and data necessary to fulfill a task, helping make our world more digital, more connected, more valuable. However, the workload has always needed one thing more than anything else: humans, to ensure it got the resources it needed (CPU, memory, storage, network and the like) to ensure it could perform its tasks in a way that met user expectations.

That might have been easy before workloads began to proliferate with virtualization. Now, with workloads in containers on everything from public clouds to wireless towers in an Internet of Things, there’s no way for humans to keep pace with the complexity.

In such a world of complexity, the workload needed to become SMART (self-managing and real-time.) Smart in assuring performance while maintaining compliance at the lowest possible cost.

Turbonomic makes the workload smart by enabling it to self-manage with software, which gets the workload the exact resources it needs, at the right time, based on the demand it’s facing, always in accordance with policy.

And the workload doesn’t have to wait for a batch process to run to get what it needs – Turbonomic’s autonomic intelligence understands real-time application demand, enabling the workload to self-manage in real time.

Just as the autonomic system controls heart rate and respiration in humans without conscious thought, Turbonomic’s autonomic intelligence controls basic decisions to ensure workloads get the resources they need – in real-time, all the time.

In doing so, Turbonomic workload automation helps you seamlessly transform your business from the platforms of today, like virtualization, to the platforms of tomorrow: the cloud, the edge, the Internet of Things.

Just as the human autonomic system frees us to do greater things, like create and innovate, Turbonomic frees your most valuable resources – people – to create, innovate and add greater value to the business.

Just like the workload, made smart by Turbonomic since 2009, over 4 million and counting. Make yours smart today at

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