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Video Transcript

You have country like Rwanda where when you hear of Rwanda, you go to the internet and Google Rwanda; they talk about war, war, war.

Ecobank is there. Eco want to reach out to everybody. When you talk about Sudan, they are there. Ecobank is there. We are in Ghana, or we are in Beni, Senegal, Mali, Congo, DR. Ecobank is there in the remote areas, making it accessible to everybody.

My name is Arenton Chiri. I am the head for Wintel Platform Virtualization and Storage System. I have been working for Ecobank for close to ten years now.

Ecobank’s mission is twofold. One, consolidate the modern Pan African bank. Secondly, contribute to the economic development and the financial integration for the continent.

Today, we cover over 37 countries in Africa. We are the largest bank with that footprint in Africa today.

There have been a couple of challenges. For instance, we have war-torn countries where infrastructure is a major problem. We can talk of network, we can talk of even skilled staff, all that.

There are challenges. But, we have been able to consolidate 30 different countries in one or two countries so that you don’t have to invest so much in the country before you start a business.

Technology is a business enabler, so we’ve done a lot of investment when it comes to technology. We have launched the first mobile banking solution where you can transfer across all the countries that Ecobank resides. We’ve really gone mobile now, so virtual footprint can be difficult to manage and manage properly.

I wanted a centralized management and management where I won’t have to open couple of screens before I’ll have a solution to a problem. I want to be proactive, not be reactive. So, I was looking for a different solution that can help me do that.

I sampled a couple of them on the internet, and I saw Turbonomic, and I tried the solution, and it looks really good. For me, the main catch is the visibility into your system within the shortest possible time and also that advice, and automation, and even solving some of the problems. It took just over 24 hours for me to know about my environment, entirely.

So, today, I open up one screen and I see all of the problems I have in my infrastructure, and I can quickly solve them, because I’m running over 1500 virtual machines, now and I can easily take a minute or two to see what is running on all the system, because all the systems I’m talking about are mission critical, because they are being accessed across Africa and Europe.

So, today, if you have an Ecobank card, you can use that across the world, and some of the systems sit on his infrastructure, which is being managed by Turbonomic.

If you meet my colleagues, we are always happy, proud about what we are doing. We are building a world-class bank, and we want to build it for the future, so we always build it so that our children will inherit what is being done.

In this way, we develop the individuals. We develop communities. We develop the remote areas so that we have people in very remote areas enjoying a world-class service, because our mission is not to just help the rich or the countries with less problems.

We want to tackle the African continent as a whole, and we are building a massive infrastructure where we can compete with any bank in the world. That is the idea.

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