Turbonomic Customer & Partner Success Story: CDI LLC

Video Transcript

Vince: We really started taking Turbonomic seriously when Will Chin and our cloud team came to us and said, “We really like this product. We’re implementing this product, and we want to put this product in our environment.”

Will: By leveraging Turbonomic in our infrastructure operations, our customers that are able to see performance improvements within their applications and their workloads.

Vince: And that’s when the resale side of our business took a look at it and said, “Well, if they’re doing it, then obviously customers are having the same challenges, so we need to bring this to our clients.”

CDI is a hybrid cloud solutions provider. We have both a traditional technology integrated business, as well as a managed services and cloud solutions business. What’s interesting about that is that it makes us not only a technology integrated, but also a consumer of those technologies that we sell and implement for our clients.

Will: CDI runs a multi-tenant cloud infrastructure where we offer our various different cloud services such as infrastructure as a service, disaster recovery as a service, back-up as a service.

Vince: We are not just a reseller, we are also a solutions provider, so we experience a lot of the same things our clients experience in their day to say operations trying to manage their environment efficiently, improve performance and drive out costs.

Will: CDI was originally looking for a solution that was particularly easy to use, easy to install, and be able to see almost immediate results after implementation. Turbonomic initially approached CDI to resell the product as a solution to our end customers. After looking at the solutions here, I realized this is a product that our cloud infrastructure could benefit from. CDI looked at Turbonomic to help us address issues around efficiency, agility, and performance.

Vince: What was interesting is that when we implemented Turbonomic in our environment, we were able to drive 60% greater efficiency throughout the environment. That led to 60% greater consolidation of workloads, which obviously reduced costs, and we saw no performance degradation with that. When we brought the solutions to our clients, we found that implementing the solution in our clients’ environments we were able to mimic very much the same results that we got in our cloud environment.

Will: CDI was bringing on new customers, where we needed to understand their application workloads, and how it would impact the infrastructure in our cloud. With Turbonomic, we are able to determine a proper alignment and allocation of resources to optimize the efficiencies of our customers’ workloads running in our infrastructure.

Vince: One thing I really liked about Turbonomic was it gives us the ability to provide quality service at the application layer and automate the maneuvering of the environment to maintain good performance to our end users without much human interaction. Performance in a data center is always critical. As a cloud provider, one thing that clients always worry about is “I put my application in the cloud. What’s the performance going to be to my end user? Is it going to be the same as if I built it on-prem and managed it myself?”

And so as a solutions provider, that’s something that we are constantly struggling with, and it’s a constant goal to provide customers with the best possible performance. And that’s something that Turbonomic really was able to help us with. By standing in the shoes of our customers, it enables us to establish a unique relationship with them, being a true trusted advisor because we experience a lot of the same things that they experience, so we are able to bring them solutions and not just say, “Here’s something you should look at as a technology we’d like to sell you.” It’s, “Here something you should look at and something that helped us solve business problems in our own business.”

Will: Some of the things in Turbonomic that we saw value in were the ability for us to automatically move workloads based on the demand that the applications were creating. It freed our infrastructure operations team from having to manually do some level of guesswork to where applications might be able to run better.

Vince: The majority of our clients have a hybrid model where a large portion of their infrastructure is still on-prem and will be on-prem for the foreseeable future. And another portion exists in the cloud, be it our cloud or a third-party cloud, which we also help them with.

For the on-prem solutions, we were able to go to them and explain how we are able to drive efficiency and reduce costs throughout our own environment and maximize performance using Turbonomic, and then sell them that solution as an on-premise solution for their own environment so that their environment can operate similar to how our cloud environment does.

I think it always helps when applications run faster and you get better performance out of them, but what’s really great about it is the ability to not have people thinking about the performance of an application, that it just runs, and they don’t have to think about oh this was slow, or this was not working the way I wanted it to. They just go about their day, do their jobs and just focus on what their everyday activities are, they don’t have to think about whether IT is slowing them down.

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