Turbonomic Webinar: Unearthing $200K in Savings in Garland, Texas

Hear Garland’s Senior System Engineer, Dammions Darden, tell how has used the power of Turbonomic’s analytic engine and automated control system to transform the city’s IT infrastructure and keep it performing well. Building on a hunch he had about hardware over-provisioning, he eanbled Turbonomic to identify opportunities, make specific recommendations and provide the data he needed to demonstrate actual performance and infrastructure resource needs to his key users.

In this webinar, you’ll catch a complete demonstration of Turbonomic, and learn more of Darden’s story including:

  • The unique challenges of managing an organizationally siloed IT infrastructure and how Darden overcame them
  • The challenge of properly provisioning hardware in an abstracted virtualized estate, from server to the underlying storage
  • How the City of Garland uses Turbonomic to eliminate contention performance issues, maximize up-time and maintain a healthy state for its municipalities
  • The power of reporting to convey that business units’ and departments’ resource needs are being consistently met
  • How the City of Garland leveraged Turbonomic to save more than $200K in its first year of deployment

Mr. Darden consolidated and automated his workloads, re-purposing the freed-up hardware for a VDI deployment and development lab. All told, his consolidation projects saved the City of Garland well over $200K in licensing and hardware costs. The City of Garland in northeast Texas is home to some 230,000 people – the 12th largest city in the state and 88th in the country.Each of Garland’s 40 municipal departments – Police, Fire, Public Safety, Parks, Court, etc. – are served from a single data center.

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