Turbonomic Webinar Series: Exchanging Guessing for Accuracy in your Hardware Refresh

Previously Recorded April 6th, 2017 

It’s no secret that hardware is expensive to maintain, but it’s even more expensive to perform a refresh or upgrade. Due to the short hardware lifecycle, these projects take place every three to five years, and are thus unavoidable. More likely than not, you’ve been relegated to spreadsheet planning and ad hoc implementation – bringing a lot of guess work into the equation. That certainly leaves a great deal of room for error, doesn’t it?

In this webinar we will learn how a top 50 US Cardiovascular Hospital tackles challenges faced by organizations of all shapes and sizes undergoing a hardware refresh project, while assuring performance for critical applications and maximizing efficiency of their infrastructure.

During this webinar, we will cover:

  • The challenges driven by planning for and implementing a system-wide hardware refresh, while preparing for infrastructure growth
  • The challenges of maintaining uptime during refresh projects while assuring accuracy and efficiency
  • How our customer uses Turbonomic’s real-time decisions to assure the success of their hardware refresh, all the while improving workload performance, maximizing infrastructure efficiency and maintaining a healthy data center
  • How the infrastructure team has more time than ever to focus on delivering the highest quality services possible

Turbonomic Background

Turbonomic’s autonomic performance platform enables customers to manage cloud and enterprise virtualization environments to assure application performance while maximizing resource utilization. Headquartered in Boston, MA, Turbonomic provides the only technology capable of closing the loop in IT operations by automating the decision-making process to maintain a complex data center environment in a healthy state.

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