Top Challenges in Storage Virtualization & How to Overcome Them

Aligning Workload Demand with Storage Virtualization

One of the biggest challenges in virtualized infrastructure impacting application performance is the ability to manage resource contention in the underlying storage infrastructure. A common approach to reduce the impact of this challenge is to over-provision storage platforms with IO and disk capacity and manage mission-critical applications in silos.

The adoption of SSD all-flash arrays tends to eliminate the IO bottleneck, as all-flash offer 10x+ the IOPS capacity. However, the challenge of workload alignment, heterogeneous storage management, and efficient capacity planning remain when introducing SSD arrays into virtual & cloud environments. So, how can we overcome all of these tough challenges?

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  • The top challenges in storage virtualization
  • How to intelligently map workloads to the storage domain
  • Common storage problems that exist in both HDD and SSD infrastructures
  • How to reduce ongoing storage infrastructure costs by  20-30%
  • How to significantly reduce operational costs by preventing complex storage problems
  • Turbonomic’s full stack, autonomic approach to controlling the virtualization and storage infrastructure

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