OpenStack for Enterprise



The Tipping Point Cometh

There is a lot of buzz in the industry around OpenStack. The open source cloud operating system, first released in 2010, has gained considerable momentum over the past half-decade. Its name is used alongside major players in both the public cloud, as well as in private cloud product environments. These comparisons are made with good reason, as we have observed a significant upswing in organizations taking an interest in finding out about how OpenStack may become a part of their environment and long-term cloud strategy.

This eBook provides an introduction to OpenStack and its brief history, as well as a summary of Turbonomic’s contributions to the community.

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  • A brief history of OpenStack
  • What are OpenStack projects
  • Enterprise adoption drivers and numbers
  • How Turbonomic makes OpenStack a scalable solution
  • Top 7 Use Cases for OpenStack with Turbonomic

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