Containers, Microservices & Why They Matter Webinar


Tech Evangelist Eric Wright (@discoposse) the world that will come to be dominated by containers and microservices!

Containers are not new. In fact, their conceptual lineage dates back to the 1970s and chroot jail in UNIX, wherein an application’s processes and dependencies were isolated from the rest of the system.

In 2014, the genesis of Docker catapulted containers back into the spotlight, as a prospective and seemingly inevitable replacement for their heavier cousins, virtual machines. Since Docker made its first headline, numerous production-ready alternatives have surfaced for consideration. Similar to how virtualization abstracts the operating system away from the hardware, containerization abstracts the application away from the operating system. This concept unlocks a world of new methods for quickly developing, deploying, and delivering applications. Containers are orders of magnitude smaller than VMs, bear a fraction of the memory overhead, and can be provisioned in a matter of seconds instead of minutes.

As organizations experiment and eventually transition to technologies such as containers and microservices, a new set of challenges will arise.

This webinar covers:

  • Which container standard is winning, and which alternatives you should consider
  • How containerization and microservices will impact performance through increased East-West traffic.
  • How microservices trade code complexity for operational complexity, and why you should care
  • What Turbonomic is doing to deliver performance control in virtualized, containerized and microservices environments alike


About the Speaker: Eric Wright

Eric Wright

Before joining Turbonomic, Eric Wright served as a systems architect at Raymond James in Toronto. As a result of his work, Eric was named a VMware vExpert and Cisco Champion with a background in virtualization, OpenStack, business continuity, PowerShell scripting and systems automation. He’s worked in many industries, including financial services, health services and engineering firms. As the author behind, a technology and virtualization blog, Eric is also a regular contributor to community-driven technology groups such as the vBrownBag community and leading the VMUG organization in Toronto, Canada. He is a Pluralsight Author, the leading provider of online training for tech and creative professionals. Eric’s latest course is “Introduction to OpenStack” you can check it out at

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