Memory Management Fundamentals eBook

memory management coverA New Approach to: Memory Ballooning, Memory Swapping, and Hypervisor Swapping

A lot of the time, memory is the most constrained resource in a virtualized environment. There are a number of techniques that hypervisors employ to manage memory, but are they sufficient? Virtualization allows us to over commit memory, which improves utilization, but can lead to other problems if not managed properly.

With the scale and increasing complexity of today’s virtual and cloud environments, memory management is one of several challenges that demands a new understanding of the data center. It’s time to make intelligent management decisions.

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  • The basics of memory over-commitment, ballooning, guest OS and hypervisor swapping
  • How each of these methods is useful in certain situations
  • The challenges and downside to these memory management methods
  • How performance can be poorly affected if mismanaged
  • How Turbonomic can help solve these challenges with a new approach


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