Managing Software-Defined Networks with Autonomic IT

Network Challenges in the SDDC

Network-heavy, scale-out workloads place considerable stress on today’s rapidly growing virtualized and cloud datacenters. Emerging software-defined networking (SDN) technologies aim to mitigate the potential bottlenecks that can precipitate at the network layer in such environments, as well as simplify network design.
Despite advances in both hardware and software, there remain significant challenges, as well as optimization opportunities, at the network layer. Specifically, incorporating topological and traffic-matrix awareness to VM placement decisions holds tremendous promise for increasing application performance.

This whitepaper explores the benefits of incorporating network topology and traffic-matrix information in VM placement decisions, as well as challenges preventing organizations from doing so today.

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  • The top network challenges in the Software-Defined data center
  • How network intelligence can inform VM placement decisions
  • How proper placement using network traffic data can minimize latency
  • Why affinity rules that group machines together can create unnecessary constraints
  • Turbonomic’s Autonomic solution that continually controls the tradeoffs between network, compute and storage, driving VM placement decisions that maximize performance and resource utilization simultaneously

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