How to Build the Intelligent Data Center

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What is a truly intelligent data center and how can I&O teams drive this transformation?

Gartner forecasts that intelligent data centers will be part of the mainstream by the mid-2020s. Additionally, Gartner expects that CIOs who feel they can get by with the current level of data center intelligence in 2023 will no longer be at their posts and the survival of their business cannot be guaranteed.*

Access this Research Note to read Gartner’s recommendations for building the intelligent data center, one that, “encompasses algorithms, self-optimizing and self-organizing systems, all operating together to produce an aggregated IQ that is greater than the sum of its parts.” The result? A data center that predicts failures, anticipates service degradation and optimizes efficiencies to bring discipline, automation, efficiency and forecasting to service delivery.

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*Gartner Research Note, How to Build the Intelligent Data Center, George J. Weiss, 07 March 2018