Public Cloud Guide

How do you manage effective implementation in the hybrid cloud?

The hybrid cloud has been heralded as a promising IT operational model enabling enterprises to maintain security and control over the infrastructure on which their applications run. At the same time, it promises to maximize ROI from their local data center and leverage public cloud infrastructure for an occasional demand spike.

Public Clouds are relatively new in the IT landscape and their adoption has accelerated over the last few years with multiple vendors now offering solutions as well as improved on-ramps for workloads to ease the adoption of hybrid cloud model. With these advances and the ability to choose between a local data center and multiple public cloud offerings, one fundamental question must still be answered: What, When and Where do you run workloads to guarantee performance while maximizing the efficiency.

In this whitepaper you will learn:

  • A brief history of hybrid cloud
  • The different public cloud offerings on the market
  • Why public cloud adoption is skyrocketing
  • The challenges that come with adopting public cloud
  • The “what, when and where” to run your workloads
  • How Turbonomic’s solution can help accelerate cloud adoption with Autonomic IT
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