Empowering E-Commerce Against Unpredictable Demand

Reduce Latency, Ensure Uptime, and Assure Web Application Performance

As more people turn to the internet to purchase goods and services, retailers and consumer companies are increasingly focusing their efforts on providing seamless access to their offerings on the web.

In fact, an online shopper is 40% more likely to leave your site for another if your web page load time is greater than 2 seconds – no matter how many items were already in their shopping cart. And during the holiday season, when organic site traffic can increase from anywhere between 200-800% and companies can make up to 40% of their annual revenue, this can be catastrophic. The major culprit for these longer-than-average load times? Latency, the e-commerce kryptonite.

This whitepaper explores common challenges facing E-Commerce platform and B2C website managers planning the holiday shopping rush and bolstering services to meet customer demand, as well as a unique approach to addressing Quality of Service adherence and guaranteeing uptime.

Download this whitepaper to Learn:

  • The history of e-commerce and online payment
  • Common challenges and concerns facing E-commerce businesses dealing with unplanned traffic spikes
  • How you can reduce latency while improving performance with an autonomic IT system
  • Turbonomic’s unique approach to addressing Quality of Service adherence, assuring application performance and providing users with peace of mind.


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