Challenging Traditional Virtual & Cloud Management Paradigms

challenging virtualization and cloud management paradigms
Overcoming the Challenges of Virtualization Management & Cloud Computing

For most organizations, business success is a direct function of IT success. Central to IT success are the applications that serve internal and external end-users — their performance directly impacts the bottomline.

Traditional IT architectures have typically been based on silos with computing resources dedicated to specific applications, as well as over-provisioning to accommodate peak demands and potential future growth.

Virtualized systems have replaced these silos with a layer of shared resources. It has reduced IT costs by improving infrastructure efficiency and enabled greater flexibility as organizations and their environments scale.

However, virtualization also creates new challenges for the data center: virtual and cloud environments are dynamic and become infinitely more complex as they scale. This paradigm shift demands a new understanding of data center dynamics and requires a new approach to solving the increasingly complex problems they create.

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