EDF-RE reduces manual efforts by 80% with Turbonomic

  • Real-time Performance across 1,300 workloads
  • Improved Resource Utilization and overall efficiency
  • 80% reduction in manual management freeing up resources for innovation

“We’ve seen an 80% reduction in the need to manually move and balance hosts; this is time we now use to make actual engineering decisions versus daily clean up.”

Matt McColm Sr. Data Center Engineer, EDF Renewable Energy and Turbonomic User Group President

With Turbonomic's Workload Automation Platform, EDF-RE assures performance across 3 global data centers and 40 remote sites, spanning 1,300 workloads and serving over 160,000 employees.


  • Inability to guarantee performance of mission-critical applications across three data centers and over 40 remote sites
  • Inefficient use of virtual and human resources due to reliance on manual management
  • Providing reliable services to over 160,000 employees in a highly controlled and regulated industry


Turbonomic intelligently and automatically senses changes to EDF-RE’s application demand and adjusts infrastructure supply in real-time to improve utilization, assure performance and ensure service delivery to EDFRE’s global employee base


  • Workload Automation Platform drives real- time performance across 1,300 workloads
  • Improved resource utilization and overall efficiency
  • 80% reduction in manual management efforts

Company Overview

Founded in 1987, EDF Renewable Energy is a leading independent power producer, providing the United States with a broad range of energy services. A subsidiary of French company EDF Energies Nouvelles, EDFRE’s mission is to turn innovative renewable energy ideas into ethical and sustainable business ventures.

Matt McColm, Senior Data Center Engineer at EDF-RE, has a decade of IT experience, and is responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of the company’s internal and external customer environments. Based in San Diego, Matt’s team manages three major data centers, and over 40 remote sites across North America.

Industry Challenges

IT teams operating within the energy and utilities industry face a unique set of challenges due to the highly regulated nature of their work combined with the pressure to embrace new technologies in a field where cost effectiveness is compulsory.

According to Gartner, these organizations must prioritize modernizing existing infrastructure in order to support greater agility, usability, scalability and availability, while continuing to manage traditional architectures and infrastructures alongside the newer technologies leveraged. Furthermore, these organizations must prepare to manage enhanced levels of complexity as the energy and utilities industry moves towards greater reliance on data gathered from digital channels and the Internet of Things.

Exploring Platform Capabilities

In previous organizations, Matt had come across Turbonomic, believing it to be another monitoring tool. “The funny thing is, I spent the last three years trying to avoid this product, and in my new role I’m told to use it, own it and make it work,” said Matt. “Needless to say, I wasn’t too happy, but figured I’d have to at least take a look.”

“Once I got through the basic ‘how to’ of the platform, I started to look into its full capabilities - future planning, automated workload placement, the scheduling engine focusing on the demand of my applications. The more I poked around the more I realized the value and I fell in love, so to speak. It’s a testament to the platform itself, you see the value as you use it. Very few products do that.”

Quality of Service for 160,000 End Users

A year later, Matt has Turbonomic running across EDF-RE’s Corporate, Field and Service environments, housing approximately 1,300 VMs in total. “In our Corporate environment, Turbonomic’s automation has been crucial. It handles workload migrations between our hosts, and corporate datastores. We’ve seen an 80% reduction in the need to manually move and balance hosts; this is time we now use to make actual engineering decisions versus daily clean-up.”

EDF-RE’s IT organization is providing services to more than 160,000 employees globally, in a highly controlled and regulated industry. “So much of the platform’s value comes from handling labor-intensive tasks, keeping the lights on and ensuring we are running as efficiently as possible,” said Matt. “We have a large, expansive environment, and we trust Turbonomic to take care of those tasks that would otherwise have taken us three to four hours a week.”

Continuing Partnership with Turbonomic

To Matt, Turbonomic has become more than a piece of software in his data center. “Sure it’s a great piece of technology, it does what it says it’s going to do, and never makes promises it can’t keep,” said Matt. “But the people behind the product believe in it, that’s really the main thing to me. The Turbonomic team has become as much a part of my team as I am, it’s a true partnership. The company puts its customers first, and actually has our best interest at heart.”