Assuring Microsoft Exchange Performance eBook

microsoft-exchange-server-coverHow Turbonomic Assures Performance of the Resource-Intensive, Sensitive Mail Server

Are you running Microsoft Exchange? Did you also know that the mail server experiences performance degradation when it’s over-provisioned, as well as under-provisioned? Don’t be afraid to virtualize Microsoft Exchange Servers!

Stop the sizing guessing games. With the 5.3 release, we’ve extended the platform’s QoS adherence capabilities to Exchange! If you want to assure performance in your Exchange deployment, you’ll need Turbonomic to drive your environment to a healthy, proactive state.

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  • Why Microsoft Exchange specifically needs to run on virtualized infrastructure that is in a healthy and “Desired State”
  • How Exchange can benefit from running on virtualized infrastructure
  • How traditional approaches to virtualization and cloud management exacerbate performance issues for Microsoft Exchange
  • How economic abstractions of the data center achieve and maintain a healthy, “Desired State” in virtual and cloud environments

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