Activating Hybrid Cloud For Healthcare IT Providers

Assuring Performance and Compliance of EHRs, PACS, VDI, and Mission-Critical Applications

Big data in healthcare has the potential to radically change the way patients receive treatment for the better. Still though, significant challenges remain in the implementation of efficient and effective methods of controlling and utilizing that sensitive data. Assuring EHR Application Performance & other mission-critical applications is key to a successful practice.

In fact, PACS storage requirements are growing 17% globally and 20% in the U.S. Additionally, VDI in Healthcare has shown an adoption rate of 150% the past 3 years alone, while electronic health record systems continue to grow at 7.8% each year. All of this puts an extra squeeze on the IT budget for additional hardware and resources, challenging IT administrators to look at the data center in a new way. To learn more about our solutions for the healthcare industry, click here.

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  • How to deal with healthcare IT transformation
  • How to control EHR workloads in virtualized environments
  • How to manage storage capacity for EMR/EHR and PACS
  • The importance of meeting ICD-10 and staying in compliance of HIPAA standards
  • Scaling virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI) securely while cutting costs.
  • How an Autonomic Platform is the best way to overcome these big challenges

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