What is a truly intelligent data center and how can I&O teams drive this transformation? Download this free Gartner Report to find out.
This white paper explores the rise of hyperconvergence and the need for self-managing systems.


Case Study
Scentsy achieves utilization and license compliance goals saving $200k in excess licensing cost.
Jim Haring, Greg Betz and Casey Crawford of DXC discuss how they deliver cloud economics to their clients over half-million workloads with Turbonomic.
In such a world of complexity, the workload needed to become SMART (self-managing and real-time.)
Resource management is important wherever the location of the data center. Briefing note by StorageSwiss
Resident Engineers maximize Turbonomic’s value as a part of your operations and planning strategies and expand impact beyond traditional IT roles.
Give your leadership and staff a dedicated resource that will you achieve your objects and assure leading practices along the way.
Join Eric Wright and Eva Tuczai and discuss how to manage OpenShift with Turbonomic.

Turbonomic for Kubernetes

Product Data Sheet
Learn about how Turbonomic enables Kubernetes to self-manage, assuring application performance by giving workloads the resources they need.

Adoption Services Overview

Product Data Sheet
Customer Success enables our customers to maximize the value of their investment through our adoption model.
Rapid Success Express (RSE) is a packaged service offering that provides a platform implementation based on leading practices.
Turbonomic’s Technical Account Manager (TAM) program, you can reach that state with full consideration of your value based objectives.

Education Services Overview

Product Data Sheet
Turbonomic Education Services provides a comprehensive training portfolio that progressively builds your knowledge base from the basics on up.
his is an introduction to how Turbonomic manages the trade-offs between compliance, performance and cost in hybrid cloud environments.
In this short demo, we show the integration thus far between AppDynamics and Turbonomic.
Arenton Chiri, Head of Wintel Platform Virtualization & Storage Systems, discusses how his team delivers world-class banking services with Turbonomic
Brad Hicks, Director of IT Operations at BMC shares how BMC IT is able to deliver cloud economics in their on premises private cloud with Turbonomic.
Using Turbonomic, Cisco was able to improve VM performance by reducing resource contention by 80%, as well as become more efficient.
CloudWave delivers patient data at the point of care for community hospitals, delivering large medical center QoS and cost for smaller community

Turbonomic Premier Edition

Product Data Sheet
With this edition Turbonomic fully optimizes your hybrid cloud environment.

Turbonomic Advanced Edition

Product Data Sheet
This edition delivers visibility and control across the full data center and cloud stack including: compute, storage, compute fabric, and application

Turbonomic Essentials Edition

Product Data Sheet
This edition delivers Turbonomic’s core functionality of visibility and control.
Learn from Liz Centoni & Mike Myers how Cisco IT is able to deliver cloud economics in their Cisco on premises environment with Turbonomic.
This white paper explores how to leverage Turbonomic to assure performance and lower costs, while maintaining compliance for your Azure environment.
This webinar explores the various server and storage tiers available within Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, and how to economize them.
This webinar discusses the various pricing models offered by Amazon Web Services including On-Demand, Reserved and Spot Instances
Software Licenses account for one of the largest line items in IT budgets. Learn how to guard against painful audits in this infographic.
This white paper explores how to leverage Turbonomic to assure performance and lower costs, while maintaining compliance for your AWS environment.

Turbonomic for Azure

Product Data Sheet
Assure application performance and compliance while lowering Azure costs with Turbonomic. Read data sheet for additional use cases.
Brad Hicks, Director of IT Operations at BMC shares how BMC IT is able to deliver cloud economics in their on premises private cloud with Turbonomic.
Scott Crowder, CIO at BMC shares how BMC IT is able to deliver cloud economics in their on premises private cloud with Turbonomic.
Turbonomic chosen as an IDC Innovator in multicloud management (April 2017)
This webinar unpacks the tooling and cost considerations for organizations just beginning their cloud journey and how Turbonomic can help.
Whether unsanctioned Shadow IT, or fully-governed hybrid cloud, enterprises adopt the public cloud in five discrete stages, see where you are today!
See how a top 50 US Cardiovascular Hospital tackles challenges faced by organizations of all shapes and sizes undergoing a hardware refresh.
Top professional services firm achieves self-managing Cisco infrastructure, improving team productivity by more than 40%.
Turbonomic and Cisco delivered self-managing infrastructure that supports rapid go-to-market strategies for this customer.
Combining HPE Synergy with Turbonomic empowers customers to deliver predictable application QoS while fully leveraging the infrastructer.

Turbonomic on c7000

White Paper
Turbonomic and HPE BladeSystem offer a unique approach to assuring application performance on the modular BladeSystem architecture.
Adopting an autonomic IT approach requires a change in mindset across an organization. CIOs, this white paper is your roadmap.

Metzler Bank

Case Study
Metzler Bank reclaims unutilized resources and automates to preserve client SLAs with Turbonomic.
Find your Goldilocks State where your VM has the resources it needs to assure app performance without memory ballooning or swapping.
In this video you will learn why VM ready queue tends to defy logic and how you can manage it regardless of it's many trappings.
EDF-RE puts their trust in Turbonomic’s autonomic performance platform to reduce manual management by 80%.
This webinar explores the challenges associated with VDI, and how a Global Consumer Goods Manufacturer leverages Turbonomic to assure VDI performance.
Learn how Composable Infrastructure solutions from HPE and Turbonomic help you compete with the public cloud

Turbonomic and RiverMeadow

Product Data Sheet
RiverMeadow and Turbonomic enable you to automate server migration and performance assurance across AWS and VMware hybrid cloud.
In this brief video you will learn how you can achieve 30% faster VDI on 30% less hardware with Turbonomic.
Tintri and Turbonomic offer solutions that improve virtualized machine performance and efficiency by providing end-to-end Quality of Service control
Assure full-stack application performance with Turbonomic and HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage
Learn how Turbonomic helps you identify What, When, and Where to run workloads on your Hybrid Cloud to maximize efficiency & application performance.
See how Turbonomic operates in your data center to drive it to a healthy state in this data center simulation.
EDFRE shares their journey to the "aha moment." Learn how with Turbonomic their team is able to deliver on the private cloud.
In this video we show how Turbonomic integrates with HPE OneView to accelerate your transition to hybrid infrastructure.
Turbonomic offers a solution to accelerate your journey to the cloud – whatever form it might take – and continuously guarantee performance.
Matt McColm, Senior Data Center Engineer at EDF Renewable Energy shares is journey from skeptic to passionate Turbonomic customer.

W.W. Norton

Case Study
Leading American printing company, W.W. Norton assures performance of critical workloads while maintaining control over crucial virtual resources.
Sky Betting & Gaming shares how Turbonomic helps them assure performance and uptime through automation, so they have time to innovate.

Turbonomic and HPE

Product Data Sheet
Turbonomic and HPE enable customers to accelerate their transition to hybrid infrastructure, delivering the application performance users demand
This report captures the current state of Multi-Cloud and helps you prepare for the challenges you may face moving to a Multi-Cloud strategy
Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust is one of the largest acute hospital trusts in the United Kingdom, treating over half a million patients every year.
Your virtualized infrastructure is an n-dimensional universe of potential resource states with infinite possibilities of states.
The Rochdale Borough automates Turbonomic to provide operational team relief.

Turbonomic and Mesosphere

Product Data Sheet
Turbonomic assures application performance across DCOS clusters and frameworks by continuously matching task demand to the best resources available.
This eBook examines the costs of server underutilization on both the environment and business.

Turbonomic ROI

White Paper
Learn how Turbonomic offers one of the most robust Returns on Investment (ROI) in all of enterprise IT management software.

The Desired State

White Paper
Learn how we solve the fundamental problem in the software-defined data center: how to assure application performance, while maximizing efficiency.


Case Study
RyanAir is Europe's favorite airline, with a team of more than 10,000 aviation professionals delivering Europe's No.1 on-time performance.


Case Study
Node4 provides service offerings including colocation, managed hosting, cloud servers, connectivity, SIP trunking and hosted telephony across the UK.
Sky Betting & Gaming is one of the fastest growing online betting and gaming business in the United Kingdom.
Learn how Turbonomic and Red Hat CloudForms work together to guarantee application QoS across private and hybrid clouds.

Turbonomic Corporate Overview

Product Data Sheet
Learn why our customers choose Turbonomic's autonomic software platform to assure application performance while maximizing efficiency.
Assure application performance while minimizing Amazon Web Services (AWS) bills with Turbonomic.
SCPS Saves $80,000 and Fosters Innovation with Turbonomic
This webinar discusses the challenges of managing a complex virtual environment, providing services to more than 2,500 students and faculty members.
Computer Design & Integration (CDI) shares the value of Turbonomic and CDI's unique relationship as both a customer and partner.
5.6 features: ServiceNow Integration, JVM, Improved UCS Performance, CloudStack Visibility

Turbonomic and ServiceNow

Product Data Sheet
Assure application performance In your ServiceNow cloud environment

Turbonomic and Zerto

Product Data Sheet
Construct the highest-performance, most resilient cloud architecture possible with Turbonomic and Zerto.

Public Cloud Guide

White Paper
Learn about the 3 key elements to consider as you adopt the Public Cloud: Performance, Cost, & Agility. Read the 16-page white paper now!


Case Study
McMillan improves resource utilization and performance of tier one applications through automation.
This white paper outlines a new approach that enables IT to operate outside of the break-fix loop, preventing degradation in the environment before it
To learn more about how the industry is fighting to maintain compliance and avoid unexpected server licensing fees download our latest eBook here.
Latency, the methods organizations used to mitigate latency, and the designation of latency-critical workloads across industry verticals.
Are you interested in becoming a partner? Join us on the pathway to partnership.
Just 10.4% of organizations have a Multi-Cloud strategy. Read this 45-page report to learn the truth on Multi-Cloud in 2016!
Turbonomic 5.5 features: Cloud Control for vRealize Automation, integration with IBM PowerVM, easy hypervisor migration with Turbonomic Cross Anything Migra

Turbonomic for PaaS Management

Product Data Sheet
Turbonomic complements the Cloud Foundry platform with a real-time understanding of the application resource demand and available infrastructure supply.

Vaudoise Assurances

Case Study
Vaudoise Assurances saves time and prevents system issues to achieve control.
Organizations are moving towards OpenStack for the promise of no vendor lock-in, IT agility, and competitive differentiation, not without challenges.
How to assure application quality of service across all flash and heterogeneous storage environments
This whitepaper explores the traditional methods of managing capacity in the datacenter, the new approach IT must adopt to stay competitive.
The U.S. Department of the Interior automates to improve application performance, team productivity and inter-team relationships.
Mainstream Pressure For Private-Label Feature Parity Threaten OpenStack’s Purist Ideals. Where Has OpenStack Been and Where Is It Going?
Learn about Turbonomic 5.4 - Cloud Foundry, Cross vCenter Migration, EMC XtremIO & EMC VMAX, IBM Softlayer & more
What if we told you that your private data center could obtain the speed, efficiency and performance of the public cloud, without breaking the bank?


Case Study
Interswitch assures QoS of mission-critical applications to provide differentiated services to end-users.
2015 was a remarkable year for Information Technology. Join us as we place our bets for 2016, and debate our experts!
Ovum analyzes market landscape for data center automation, assessing Turbonomic (formerly VMTurbo) as a leading solution provider.

Turbonomic for Any Cloud

Product Data Sheet
Learn how Turbonomic can help you guarantee app QoS as you transition from virtualization to cloud first deployment models
Arista and Turbonomic enable you to assure application Quality of Service at scale across any cloud
A Principled Technologies report showing that Turbonomic decisions improve performance in large-scale virtual environments


Case Study
Blackbaud assures performance and processes 52% more transactions on Giving Tuesday 2015.

Titan International

Case Study
Titan International assures performance during a high growth period and reduces time spent monitoring and manually managing environment.
This survey investigates the challenges organizations face maintaining server licensing compliance in today’s virtualized and cloud environments.

Liberty University

Case Study
Liberty University moves further towards the software-defined data center and improves performance of workloads.

PwC South Africa

Case Study
PwC saves countless hours and gains virtual control with Turbonomic.
This webinar discusses the problems that organizations will face as they transition to new technologies such as containers and microservices.
Nutanix and Turbonomic have partnered to ensure Turbonomic’s autonomic platform works with Nutanix Xtreme Computing Platform (XCP), learn how here.
How Children’s Hospital Colorado Assures Performance of Critical Applications in a Complex Virtual Environment.
In this Virtual Classroom eBook you will learn how VDI deployments can stretch academic budgets and provide an enhanced experience to all users.


Case Study
GBG prepares for 5x growth and prevents system bottlenecks with Turbonomic

GN ReSound

Case Study
GN Resound assures workload performance and improves host utilization, saving $30,000 in the process.
Significant challenges remain in effective methods of Assuring EHR Application Performance. In this eBook, learn how to address those and more.
Did you know that the Microsoft Exchange mail server will experience performance degradation when it’s over-provisioned, and under-provisioned.
Christopherson Business Travel leverages Turbonomic's autonomic platform to improve utilization and performance.
Learn about Turbonomic 5.3 - Control for virtualized Exchange, Nutanix, MySQL, Shared-Nothing Migration & More

Turbonomic & Nutanix

Product Data Sheet
Assure application performance and confidently accelerate Acropolis Hypervisor adoption on Nutanix Extreme Computing Platform (XCP).
Turbonomic Applies Market-Based Modeling to Workload Performance Management Challenges
Whether it's Black Friday or just your average casual Friday, latency can creep up in many ways. Learn how E-Commerce platforms can minimize latency.

John I. Haas

Case Study
Leading hops supplier, John I. Haas, automates to improve performance and utilization of virtual environment.


Case Study
CenturyLink increases VM density, reduces alerts and avoids overprovisioning with Turbonomic.
Air Medical Group Holdings automates for control over complex environment.
This eBook discusses the fundamentals of memory management, including Memory Ballooning, Memory Swapping, Hypervisor Swapping, and more.
This Paper examines new approach to data center management: the economic abstraction of virtual and cloud environments.

Turbonomic & Red Hat OpenStack

Product Data Sheet
Turbonomic integrates with Red Hat OpenStack to give you placement, sizing and provisioning decisions that assure performance

Turbonomic for OpenStack

Product Data Sheet
Accelerate and confidently scale your IaaS deployment with Turbonomic and the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform
Continuous, automated placement configuration and provisioning decisions across Red Hat CloudForms managed infrastructure to assure application QoS


Case Study
TeamHealth assures performance of VDI environment, reduces time spent responding to alerts and improves team focus with Turbonomic.
Turbonomic surveyed Enterprise IT professionals on their use of and plans for OpenStack. This report covers the why, how and results of that study.
Join us as we discuss how OpenStack and open source ecosystems are becoming a powerful part of today’s enterprise environments.

Turbonomic & Arista Networks

Product Data Sheet
The Arista Network Control Module enables you to assure performance of workloads as you scale across Arista's open and programmable network
Georgetown University improves resource utilization, decreases end-user alerts and gains control of mission-critical applications with Turbonomic.
Midas+, A Xerox Company, reclaims resources, saves thousands on hardware costs and avoids overprovisioning with Turbonomic.
St. Anthony's Medical Center improves application performance and reduces user generated tickets with Turbonomic.
Turbonomic integrates with OpenStack on KVM, or hypervisor of your choice, to provide autonomic IT across the cloud environment.

Dot Foods

Case Study
Dot Foods automates for control during hardware refresh to increase virtual footprint to 85% with Turbonomic.
A Principled Technologies study found that Turbonomic improved application performance through automateable decisions.


Case Study
Hirslanden Private Hospital Group assures performance for 1,000+ VMs and avoids costly overprovisioning with Turbonomic.


Case Study
Fareportal increases VM density and assures performance of massive workloads with Turbonomic.

All Covered, Inc.

Case Study
All Covered, the managed services division of Konica Minolta, seamlessly transitions acquired data centers and plans for growth with Turbonomic.
Hear how AMGH leverages Turbonomic to minimize latency, and assure performance in their IT Backbone consisting of EMC VNX, UCS and Dell.

Mitre 10

Case Study
Mitre 10, New Zealand's largest home improvement and garden retailer, gains controls and saves in rapidly expanding environment with Turbonomic.


Case Study
UK recruiting giant SThree stops guessing and takes action to achieve 90% utilization and save on software licensing and hardware costs with Turbonomic.

Houston Methodist

Case Study
Houston Methodist automates to assure performance and compliance with Turbonomic. They are now automating more than 2,500 VMs and 250 datastores
This whitepaper discusses the Turbonomic integration with Pure Storage and how you can assure workload performance with both technologies.
Join the Flash Revolution, and attend this exclusive webinar from Pure Storage and Turbonomic to learn about the brand new Pure Storage integration.
Boston College is a Jesuit Catholic Liberal Arts university delivering centralized IT services to more than 14,400 students, faculty, and staff.
Learn about new integration with Java Application Servers, OpenStack Control enhancements, and Storage Control for HP 3PAR and Pure Storage!

Ambit Energy

Case Study
Ambit Energy automates for enhanced resource utilization and productivity with Turbonomic.


Case Study
AutoNation improves productivity and assures application performance with Turbonomic.
In this paper, we examine the evolution of enterprise applications, the data centers in which these applications reside & increasing QoS expectations.

Turbonomic & Pure Storage

Product Data Sheet
Turbonomic and Pure Storage enable you to maximize performance and efficiency of all-Pure or heterogeneous storage environments
This webinar explores how service providers use Turbonomic to provide consistent performance across all workloads.


Case Study
Quintiq, an industry leader in supply chain planning and optimization, goes from monitoring and alerting to proactive control with Turbonomic.
Interactive Intelligence Group, Inc, innovates deliberately and proactively with Turbonomic.
Operations Manager enables Cloud Services Providers to meet customer SLAs, maximize efficiency and differentiate their service offerings.
MedAmerica Billing Services, Inc. (MBSI) leveraged Turbonomic to save thousands in hardware costs and plan for growth.
We explore the players in IaaS and hybrid cloud, the challenges in implementation, and how to identify and time the bursting of workloads.
Turbonomic feeds vRealize Automation with the best decision of where to deploy new workloads to assure app performance while maximizing utilization.
Learn about Arista Networks’ exciting disruptions within the SDN landscape, and how Turbonomic drives near zero latency with Arista enviornments.
City of Garland, Texas used Turbonomic to save more than $200,000 by deferring hardware and software licensing.
How did OpenSky develop an enterprise orchestration framework for its Fortune 50 client, and scale their VDI environment to 25K seats?
How does the leading commerce platform for global travel control their UCS-based private cloud environment? Hear from Steve Senecal of Travelport.

Turbonomic for VDI Environments

Product Data Sheet
Intelligently throttle I/O intensive events (e.g. re-boots, patch updates, virus updates) to maintain end-user experience without over provisioning.
This whitepaper explores the benefits of incorporating network topology and traffic-matrix information in workload placement decisions.
How far can you consolidate your virtual workloads? The City of Garland, Texas took the challenge, and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Turbonomic for OpenStack

Product Data Sheet
Extend Operations Manager to manage the resource demands and fluctuations across tenants in an OpenStack Private Cloud environment
NWP has virtualized 100% of its workloads, onboarded the workloads of 3 acquired companies, and deferred hardware spend for 4 years with Turbonomic
Aspirus automates performance-optimizing placement decisions for nearly 900 VMs including Epic EHR with Turbonomic.
With Turbonomic, Heartland Business Systems was able to delay the purchase of an additional host by six months.


Case Study
Kansas telecommunications provider Nex-Tech sought to tame the toll bully VMs were taking on its network-attached storage arrays...

Hatco Corporation

Case Study
Hatco Corp. sought to grow beyond 200 VDI seats while maximizing resource utilization.
EHR – and specifically computer tomography (CT), magnetic resonance (MRI), ultrasound, and x-ray imaging – is driving storage growth...
Watch this on-demand webinar from Peak 10 and Turbonomic for best practices on deploying and controlling public, private, and hybrid cloud models
Watch this on-demand webinar and learn how Mary Washington Healthcare uses Turbonomic to maximize both performance and efficiency in its environment.
Mary Washington Healthcare needed to control VM sprawl and intelligently grow into its infrastructure - from server to storage.

Boston College

Case Study
Boston College reached 80% virtualization, and sought to safely maximize utilization of its existing resources.
Datacenters consume a lot of energy: servers, storage, networking, cooling, lighting, and the break room microwave...
LSE has always put engagement with the wider world at the heart of its mission. From its location in the heart of London, the School links communities across the world...
This paper explores some of the common challenges facing VDI planning, deployment, operations, and Turbonomic’s unique approach for addressing them.
Storage resource contention is one of the greatest performance threats to virtual infrastructures, and one of the most frustrating pains suffered by IT administrators...
"So the trend in Healthcare today is preventative medicine, making sure that people don’t get sick in the first place. Sort of exactly what we are doing in our virtual infrastructure with Turbonomic."
Watch this informative 60-minute webinar recording to learn about Software-Defined Control and how it solves the problem of assuring workload performance while utilizing resources most efficiently and how the new extensions for storage and hybrid cloud enable even greater control.
Global Net Access (GNAX) is a cloud service provider, offering mission-critical data center colocation and cloud services. GNAX uses Turbonomic to control their virtual and cloud environments.
Learn how to address the need to manage resource contention in the storage layer while maintaining the virtual environment in the desired state, delivering application performance and efficiency.


Case Study
In an effort to achieve greater IT efficiency, the Colgate Enterprise Service Center is consolidating fifty data centers around the world into one global data center in Piscataway, New Jersey...
“Before Turbonomic, when I wanted to figure out capacity planning or figure out how I was going to replace a current piece of hardware with something new that would fit in with our growth plans, it was pretty much a guessing game.”
Download this expert discussion with Ovum analyst Roy Illsley and Kevin Van Mondfrans from managed service provider Layered Tech for insights into some of the challenges in operating cloud-scale environments, and best practices for dealing with today's cloud operations realities.
Southern Waste Systems is an industry leader in collection of commercial & residential waste.Their 24x7 operations requires access to its applications
To alleviate the operations risk inherent in bringing virtualization management back in house, NII looked at solutions to manage their virtualized data centers.

British Telecom

Case Study
BT deployed Turbonomic to support its Enterprise virtual data center (VDC), which delivers virtualized compute and storage resources to host thousands of IT applications.
This whitepaper explores the challenges that have traditionally divided app owners & infrastructure managers and how both sides can embrace the DevOps