February 6th, 2014

Forbes: Growing At 100% VMTurbo Takes Share And Talent From IBM

You’d expect a huge company to lord it over an upstart. But what happens if that corporate goliath moves so slowly that its top talent leaves with a great idea and turns it into a powerful product?

Maybe nothing. That’s because people are reluctant to buy from a startup given its high odds of failure. The only way around that problem is to deliver so much more bang for the buck to that potential customer, that not trying the startup’s product is the biggest risk of all.

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Ben Yemini Ben Yemini
At Turbonomic Ben ensures we continue to deliver unique value in our customers' hybrid cloud environments. He decided to join Turbonomic after spending too much time watching dev blame ops and ops blame dev while users still did not get the experience they wanted. Ben has over 15 year of experience in the enterprise software space first as developer and later as a product manager.