October 19th, 2013

Auto-Optimize your virtual infrastructure with VMTurbo (ESX Virtualization)

by Vladan Seget at ESX Virtualization

I think that VMturbo needs closer look as it seems that fairly often they’re put into a “monitoring” solution basket. That’s not what they’re doing. Of course they monitor the virtual infrastructure, but only to be able to take corrective actions so the application can perform in state where its performance is not degraded.

They can deep dive across your entire IT stack to find that your SQL, IIS or other application runs in not optimal state, and provides you with actions which are configurable to be executed automatically, during off-business hours or not at all. (just alarming you).

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Ben Yemini Ben Yemini
At Turbonomic Ben ensures we continue to deliver unique value in our customers' hybrid cloud environments. He decided to join Turbonomic after spending too much time watching dev blame ops and ops blame dev while users still did not get the experience they wanted. Ben has over 15 year of experience in the enterprise software space first as developer and later as a product manager.