November 11th, 2011

2012 – The Birth of Unified Virtualization Management (VMblog)

A central challenge of IT is how to increase virtualization penetration rates from current 40% to fully-virtualized IT (80% and above).  According to the Gartner Group: “The use of x86-architecture virtual machines has been increasing at a torrid pace since their introduction in 2001; however, this growth will start to slow in 2012”.

This slow down emerges as virtualization exhausts the pool of performance-insensitive applications, hitting the complexity barriers of virtualizing performance-sensitive mission-critical applications.  Leaving these mission-critical applications non-virtualized can result in costly, and difficult to manage, schism as virtualized and non-virtualized applications pursue different infrastructures and operations trajectories.

Contributed Article by Yechiam Yemini, co-founder and chief scientific advisor, Turbonomic

issues by David Marshall at VMblog

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