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Relational databases are the cornerstone of most enterprise applications. From back-end transaction systems, to service delivery and mobile commerce, properly configured and aligned to the infrastructure they enable scaling and resiliency. At the same time, their increased I/O can significantly degrade performance with each query or transaction load.

Turbonomic enables you to assure the performance of your database tier and the business applications they support.


  • Continuous QoS assurance, you set database response time and transactions per minute, Turbonomic makes sure they are met
  • Workload placement decisions based on inter-tier communication patterns, no need to relegate databases to their own cluster
  • Database auto-scaling to handle fluctuating transaction volume, the software determines when, where and how much
  • Virtual disk placement based on the performance of the underlying storage tier
  • Continuous databases configuration based on real-time production traffic, not defaults or simulations

Supported Integrations

Control the Database Layer

Assure Database Performance on Any Storage Environment


Virtualization initiatives often stall when it comes time to tackle tier one and I/O intensive workloads. Turbonomic decisions continuously aligns virtual disks to the right storage tier based on the real-time resource demands of the database, regardless of how your storage environment is designed. It ensures your databases get the memory and IO they demand, while making best use of the underlying infrastructure.

Turbonomic Any Storage Workload Balancing

Turbonomic Real Time Scaling

Real-time Scaling Decisions


Turbonomic makes real-time decisions assuring database workload demands are continuously matched to the available resources. Configuration actions directly on the database include sizing up DBMem and connections or sizing down the transaction log. Actions are only provided when the application and infrastructure supply chain can support them, for example the virtual machine has enough vMem and physical machine has enough memory.

Change the Conversation with Database Admins


Rather than debating if a db virtual machine is sized properly or placed on the right cluster, Turbonomic empowers infrastructure and application teams with a common understanding. With one view of the real-time resource consumption inside the VM (e.g. DBMem, connections, transaction logs) the conversation is now focused on response time or transactions throughput goals.

SysAdmin Database admin FistBump

Turbonomic database workload placement

Multi-tier Application Performance

Multi-tier applications and dynamic changes in usage can keep even the best operations, engineering and architecture teams up at night. Turbonomic understands the communication patterns (aka flow) across the entire application stack and provides you with horizontal auto-scaling decisions across your local data-center or hybrid-cloud environment.

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