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Distributed and multi-tier applications have increased complexity. Delivering the application performance your users demand requires scaling and configuring application resources (e.g. heap size, thread pools, connections) based on real-time end-user demand and QoS goals.

Turbonomic enables you to assure application performance by auto-scaling out or up, reconfiguring application and web-servers based on the continuously changing environment and the response time or transaction throughput you’re held accountable for.


  • Define and meet QoS, including end-user response time and transaction throughput
  • Reconfigure application and web servers to assure performance based on actual production traffic, not defaults or simulations
  • Auto-scale application and web servers to handle fluctuating transaction volume with better decision of when, where and how big
  • Intelligently and continuously place workloads based on inter-tier communication patterns, no more affinity rules to set

Supported Integrations


Control the Application Layer


Charles Crouchman, Turbonomic CTO, explains Turbonomic’s autonomic solution. Turbonomic maps the end-to-end relationship between application demand and the underlying infrastructure supply, delivering the exact resources applications need in real-time.

Scale Up vs Scale Out

Real-time Scaling Decisions


Turbonomic makes real-time decisions at the application layer assuring workload demands are continuously matched to the available resources. The platform decides on placement, sizing, and start/stop actions across any infrastructure. Actions can be taken manually or fully automated. All you need to do is set the quality of service goal for your application or web server and Turbonomic takes care of the rest.

Change the Conversation with App Owners


Rather than debating whether a VM is sized properly or placed on the right cluster, Turbonomic empowers infrastructure and application teams with a common understanding. With one view of the real-time resource consumption inside the VM (e.g. heap, thread-waits, connections) the conversation is now focused on response time or transactions throughput goals, and one platform that takes you there.

Unpredictable Application Servers Demand

Unpredictable demand? No problem

Multi-tier applications and dynamic changes to usage can keep even the best operations, engineering and architecture teams up at night. Turbonomic understands the communication patterns (aka flow) across the entire application stack and provides you with horizontal auto-scaling decision across your local data-center or hybrid cloud environment. By relating the real-time application demand to available infrastructure resources workloads are scaled up or out to assure performance, while getting the most out of your environment.

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