Turbonomic 6.1

Our Workload Automation for Hybrid Cloud Transforms IT

Turbonomic enables your teams with a single platform for hybrid cloud environments. The software continuously analyzes real-time workload demand and matches it to compute, storage and network resources in a hybrid cloud, public cloud, private cloud or virtualized on-prem environment. With the release of Turbonomic 6.1, our next generation, AI-powered decision engine extends the power of workload automation in the cloud, the datacenter, and for container platforms.

Assure Application Performance

Turbonomic enables workload self-management providing placement, scaling, and provisioning actions across hosts, clusters, datastores, data centers and cloud provider regions and zones. The platform delivers the quality of service users expect and prevents queuing, latency, and I/O contention — no chasing alerts!

Execute actions manually, automate on a schedule, or automate 24/7. Turbonomic improves application performance by 30% or more.

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Turbonomic 6.1 Learning Center

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Any Workload, Any Infrastructure

Turbonomic understands the full stack; operating across multiple hypervisors, applications, cloud orchestration, public cloud providers and change management systems as well as storage, compute fabric, converged and hyper converged infrastructure. It controls the full scope and scale of the environment through APIs, no agents required. The platform maps and visualizes end-to-end relationships and resource consumption from application to virtual machines, compute, storage, storage controller, network, fabric interconnects and more.

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Compare Editions

Turbonomic is available in three editions, providing additional capabilities to meet your specific requirements and use cases. Each edition can be run on-premises, in a public cloud or across a hybrid environment. These editions make it easy to get started and see more value as you extend Turbonomic’s autonomic platform into all layers of the stack.

Essentials Edition

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Advanced Edition

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Premier Edition

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Workload Limit Up to 500 Unlimited Unlimited
Coverage Cloud & On-Prem Cloud & On-Prem Cloud & On-Prem
Visibility into all workloads
Compliance policies
Workload Placement Actions
Workload Scaling Actions
Compute fabric actions
Storage Placement Actions
Storage Sizing Actions
Application actions
Self-service & workflow
Cloud native actions
Network-aware placement
SLA adherence

*Per the support of the underlying application infrastructure and typically done during a maintenance window due to its disruptive nature.


Workload Application Cloud Native
Capabilities Intelligent Workload Management across any virtual or cloud environment Define and drive holistic application quality of service Scale and manage cloud native applications across any environment
Automate workload placement, vertical and horizontal scaling
Optimize public cloud and infrastructure costs
Simulate changes to workload demand, infrastructure supply and operational policies
Automatically map workload demand to compute, storage and network resources
Customize and share dashboards and reports
Integrate decisions into self-service and CMDB workflows
Enforce service priorities, cost and business policies
Define and deliver service level adherence for apps and infrastructure
Automate scaling of physical compute and storage resources
Understand Database, JVM and Microsoft Exchange specific resource demands
Configure Databases, JVMs and Exchange servers
Drive actions based on application communication patterns
Integrate decisions into PaaS management tools
Configure container recourse
Extend placement and scaling decisions into container orchestration tools

See what our Workload Automation for Hybrid Cloud can do for you.

Decisions in under an hour. Payback in less than 3 months.

Deliver Application QoS

With Turbonomic, operators and application teams are able to define quality of service levels – response time or transaction throughput – for any application. The platform then continuously controls the environment to deliver the specified QoS levels while taking cost and business policies into consideration.

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Turbonomic Workload Automation Software Supply Chain

Turbonomic Deployed in Data Center

See Results

Turbonomic deploys as a single virtual machine. Within 30 minutes of deployment, the platform discovers the environment, identifies performance issues and presents the actions to remedy them. It then continuously evaluates the changing demands of applications against infrastructure supply and makes decisions that assure performance. You can take the actions manually or automate them like most of our customers do.

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Cloud and hardware cost curve with Turbonomic graphic

Lower Cloud Costs

Turbonomic lowers public cloud bills and maximizes infrastructure utilization by precisely matching real-time application workload demand to available shared resources. It continuously places and scales workloads, storage and databases, preventing resource contention while making the most efficient use of the infrastructure. The platform enables you to extend cluster and data center scope to exploit underutilized pools of resources. Most customers increase utilization by over 40%.

A traditional approach to managing contention is “shared peak provisioning”: resources are allocated based on the sum of the peak demands. This approach leads to dramatic over provisioning of resources, even on virtualized infrastructure.

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Get the Most Productive Team Around

Turbonomic drives hybrid cloud environments to their Desired State – continuously assuring performance and lowering costs while ensuring compliance – and keeps them there. It frees teams from alerts and firefighting. When teams have control of their environment, they can focus on the projects that make a difference. With the Turbonomic platform IT operators are freed from reactive firefighting; architects and planners are able to effectively plan for new applications, additional users and hardware upgrades; and application owners and users experience improved performance.

Cloud architecture team meeting with Turbonomic

Software License Auditors

Simple to Customize and Align

The platform works in harmony with existing operational policies (e.g. high availability, affinity, anti-affinity) while providing the ability to define service priorities, cost and placement policies. Dashboards and reports are simple to customize and share across your entire organization.

Turbonomic easily integrates with service orchestration and process management (e.g. Microsoft System Center, ServiceNow) further facilitating automation and scheduling change where approval is required.

Ensure Compliance

Turbonomic seamlessly imports existing polices such as HA, affinity or anti-affinity and enables you to define new policies for operational or business requirements. The purpose built policy engine enables dynamic group creation (e.g. all hosts with 8 vCPUs, all SQL VMs) and rule assignment ensures VMs only run on those hosts that have been licensed. Business policies are easily defined. For example, sanctioned cloud provider regions or data centers for data sovereignty or compliance with HIPAA or PCI. Turbonomic ensure continuous compliance without sacrificing performance or increasing costs.

policy management turbonomic screenshot

application workload cartoon

Scale with Confidence

Turbonomic provides initial placement decisions based on the demand characteristics of existing and new workloads. New workloads are matched to existing shared resources and future workloads are held as reservations avoiding resource contention and accelerating cloud initiatives.

Effectively Manage Capacity

Turbonomic determines when allocation of resources is not aligned with workload demand, driving decisions to provision more or suspend capacity. It enables you to simulate changes across the environment for new application workloads, public cloud migration, hardware refresh, data center or cluster consolidation, and more.

With Turbonomic you can develop before-and-after pictures of potential scaling, capacity and placement strategies for your data center or a public cloud migration.

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See what our Workload Automation for Hybrid Cloud can do for you.

Decisions in under an hour. Payback in less than 3 months.